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Project overview

The assignment is all about the evaluation of designed user interfaces for different usability issues. It’s easy to evaluate any design with the help of different frameworks of it such as- Molich heuristic, Neilsen, and DECIDE etc. Moreover, the issues that might affect the usability experience of a user is also discussed in the following report. After that the ways to overcome all those usability issues are listed in the following report. The report is ended with an impressive usability strategy that is necessary to meet all usability goals of an interactive and impressive web application. 

Framework for the usability evaluation of interactive user interface

Neilsen heuristic model is used to evaluate the design of nominated user interface design. The main reason behind this selection is that this model is easy to be followed and based on ten basic principles that need to followed by the application designer to overcome all usability issues that the user might face.

  • System visibility is the first principle of this model that states that the application should always keep users informed about latest updates about the organization that what is going on there.
  • The functionality of the application must match between with real world customer requirements and corresponding business necessities.
  • User control and freedom should be there in the designed user interface so that he can enter and leave the application anytime when he/she wish to do so.
  • The designed user interface must meet the consistency related standards to attract maximum customers.
  • Error prevention should be there in case the user enters an unexpected command in the application.
  • Recognition rather than recall is the best option that should be followed by the organization to target expected customers on priority basis.
  • The design should be of flexible nature so that future upgradations can be made in it easily and this design should also be efficient to use.
  • The design of Cinema Hall Application must be Aesthetic and minimalist.
  • The designed user interface of the application should be able to help users recognize, diagnose and recover from errors.
  • At last, there should be Help and documentation option in the website that can be utilized by the users who doesn’t belong to a technical background.

Issues that can affect the experience of different users of the website

These are some issues that might affect the usability experience of differently targeted customers, this can harm the overall agenda of the organization for the fulfilment of which the organization decided to design this particular website. 

Usability strategy to ensure that the designed user interface meets all usability goals

To meet these issues, the designer of this application should cross check the design as per the model discussed previously and overcome the shortcomings accordingly. This will take less time to improve the design and this time can be utilized by the designers in other important functionalities of the application. Moreover, the designers should ensure the designing of interface as per all design principles of designing am interactive user interface.

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