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5 Ways to boost Students’ Productivity

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5 Ways to boost Students’ Productivity

There are many in students’ life and changing the way the students used to see their lives. Concentrating on the studies has become hard; internet, smartphones, gaming habit etc. are some of the reasons behind it. What is the worst consequence? It’s decreased productivity, which you can’t afford as  a student. Here are some fixes which you can implement to bring changes in your life.

Use of educational chatbots

Research shows that digital learning tools such as chatbots improve productivity. In fact, a study suggests that companies that use e-learning strategies and tools can increase productivity by up to 50 per cent. Same is with the students.

In an educational environment, chatbots improve efficiency by providing students with instant information. Children and young adults can use this technology to research topics, clarify information and obtain useful advice for exams.

Small competitions are more motivating

If you want to get the most out of competition, small teams may be the best option.

A study conducted in 2009 shows that competition is more motivating when there are fewer players. The researchers asked the students to compete with a short questionnaire and told them that the 20% who completed it faster and with greater precision would receive a cash prize. One group was told that they were competing against 10 other students, while the other group was told that they were competing with another 100 students. The result? The participants in the smaller group completed the test faster than the participants in the large group.

When the competition is smaller, we feel that our chances of succeeding are greater, so we are motivated to try harder.

Activating the reward centers of the brain

Winning a competition activates reward centers in your brain and produces a surge of dopamine (the wellness hormone) in the hypothalamus, the pleasure center of the brain. Once you experience it, you feel motivated to experience it again and again. All this works perfectly for those who usually win, but people who have failed many times are likely to avoid competition. The reward centers of the brain can be activated simply by doing a difficult task. Stimulation and learning are useful for brain growth and general adaptation.

For those who do not enjoy the competition, challenges can be an excellent way to experience the same stimulating effects of the brain in a competitive environment, without all the negative emotions that may arise from the competition.

Using Placebo Effect

Recent studies have proven the usefulness of the placebo effect among students subjected to the pressure of exams. Many students share strategies to fight sleep and be able to study longer. Vitamin intake and medications are some of the most popular resources.

However, students forget the potential of their brain to regulate the body. Cognitive abilities allow individuals to dose forces to perform tasks that require greater concentration or time.

Positive points of the placebo effect

1. Students can feel more energetic

It is proven that students feel supported if they decide to consume a revitalizing drug to mitigate the effects of lack of sleep during exams. The studies carried out on the placebo effect determine that these substances are not necessary but the student thinks that he has ingested them and they work.

2. They are more productive

Thanks to the placebo effect, students feel much stronger and able to tackle their day to day activities. They also improve their productivity during the exam period.

3. Your mood improves

Something as subjective as the mood tends to go bitter  when the students  under the stress of exams. Thanks to the placebo effect, they can regain their well-being and feel more joyful and inspired. This type of behavior is common among university students.

Maintain friendly competitions

While competition can be an excellent way to increase motivation and productivity, in some work environment it can have the negative effects of undermining team cohesion and fostering negative feelings among co-workers. But that does not mean that there cannot be friendly competition. You can get the same advantages and rewards (including the activation of brain reward centers) by introducing friendly non-work-related competitions, such as a shared-meal with the anonymous vote for the best dish.

These cheerful or carefree competitions are an excellent way to inject some element of competition in the workplace while avoiding any resentment generated between co-workers or competitors.

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