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ITC508 | Functional Requirements of Information System | Object Modelling

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ITC508 | Functional Requirements of Information System | Object Modelling

The functional requirements regarding the system can relate to the software, hardware or both in context of technical details, data manipulation, calculations and processing that describes the assumptions for the system. The functional requirements can be in the form of report or document describing the required kind of outcomes when the system is placed in the particular environment. The functional requirement specification documents the activities and operations that the system should be able to execute or perform. The functional requirements must involve:

  • Descriptions related to data which is to be entered into the system.
  • Descriptions related to the operations that are executed by each screen.
  • Descriptions related to the work-flows executed by the system.
  • Descriptions regarding the reports of the system or some other inputs.
  • Who can keep or enter the data into given system.
  • How the new system meets the applicable regulatory needs.

The document related to functional requirements describes the functionality of the system or its subsystem. It depends on the form of software, expected users as well as the kind of system where the software is utilized. The functional requirements can be defined as high-level statements regarding what the system must do, but the requirements of the functional system must also define clearly regarding the services of the system in detail.

Functional Requirement Specifications

There are several key fields that should be a part of the document related to functional requirements specifications which are as follows:

  • Purpose of the report
  • Scope
  • Processes of the business
  • Functional Requirements
  • Integration and data
  • Requirements related to the security
  • Performance
  • Migration of data and conversion

Define Functional testing?

Functional testing is defined as a technique of testing which is used to examine the functionality and function s of the software or system, should cover overall scenarios that involve boundary cases and failure paths. Different techniques that are used in the functional testing involve black box testing and white box testing. Some other techniques related to functional testing involve integration testing, smoke testing, localization testing, interface testing, user acceptance testing, unit testing, interface testing, system testing, globalization testing and regression testing.

Process of functional requirement

A typical functional requirement will involve the unique number and name, the summary as well as rationale also. This complete information is utilized to assist all the readers to understand that why the requirements are essential and to track all the requirements via system development. The crux related to the requirements is the elaboration of the needed behaviour that should be readable and clear. The defined behaviour may come from the business and organizational rules, or it may also be developed via elicitation sessions with stakeholders, users and some other professionals within the company. Many requirements can be uncovered during the development of use case.

Typical functional requirements involve:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization levels
  • Historical data
  • Regulatory or legal requirements
  • Administrative functions
  • Business rules
  • Audit tracking
  • Reporting requirements
  • Transaction corrections, cancellations and adjustments
  • Certification Requirements
  • External Interfaces

Different examples of functional requirements

  • Interface requirements
  • Business requirements
  • Compliance/ regulatory requirements
  • Security Requirements

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