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Global Issues in Tourism Industry

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This report is formulated to analyze different issues related to sustainable tourism development in concern of social, cultural, natural and built resources. Along with this, some barriers related to airlines services, passports, delays etc. are also evaluated in critical manner. Moreover, with the help of subjective analysis, safety concerns about tour and travel are also analyzed appropriately in this research.

Maintaining the destination based sustainable tourism development: Cultural, Social, Natural and Build resources

Destination based sustainable tourism development effectively meets all the requirements of tourists as well as destination regions along with protection and enhancement opportunities for future. It has been investigated that the management of all the resources such as natural resources, cultural resources, social resources and man-made resources in accurate manner lead to completely fulfill the cultural integrity ecologist and economic balance. Simply, sustainable tourism development is also called as ethical equitable, economic balancing and ecological balancing. Sustainable development can be categorized in different aspects as mentioned below:

  • Preserving socio-culture and natural environment
  • Identifying the quality of product and satisfaction of tourist
  • Help in society welfare
  • Aiding with different smart activities and their management

Resolving travel and tourism related barriers: Passports, Visas, Airline service and delays

In this section, the major barriers related to tourism industry are discussed that mainly involve visas related issues, problems faced with airline services, delays, passports related issues etc. These barriers must be resolved appropriately in order to provide best and appropriate services to all the customers related to tourism industry. Visas related barriers are also called as non-fiscal sorts of burdens that can also restrict the development of travel industry. The estimation of universal travel market in Americas will be more prominent. Some of the parts related to travel industry are considered as curious parts that mainly involve documentation conventions, traditions directions and travel companies.

Concerns for security and safety remain a major issue

It has been evaluated that safety and security concerns always remain major and important issues in travel and tourism industry in these days and have also become a major issue. The tourism organizations must deploy security policies and controls in order to overcome all the issues in effective manner. These organizations must deal with security agencies in order to provide better services to all the individuals related to tourism industry. Tourism companies must contact police departments in order to ensure all the tourists about their safety, which is considered as an essential requirement. Due to these major issues, the travel and tourism destinations could face great loss economically. Along with this, the health of all the tourists must also be considered by providing them high-quality services and products in concern of food items, transport, accommodations etc.


This research report concludes that that the major barriers related to tourism industry that mainly involve visas related issues, problems faced with airline services, delays, passports related issues etc. must be resolved appropriately with the utilization of effective techniques and methods. It is considered as very necessary in order to enhance the service quality related to tourism industry effectively.

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