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How Does a Child's Attachments with Family and Friends Effect his/her Mental Health

Home Assignment Answers How Does a Child's Attachments with Family and Friends Effect his/her Mental Health

Description of the topic

The relationships that children have with their parents or friends have direct impact on their mental, social, physical and emotional health. Most importantly, the mental health of a child not only depends on the care or the parental love, but on the emotional communication that families develop with their child, often known as the attachment bond.

Impact on one’s sense of self

Child’s attachment with family and friends have direct impact on their own personality. It ensures that the child feel safe, and calm enough to experience self-development of his/her nervous system. These relationships have direct impact on how children think, understand and behave with others.

Impact on relationship with others

As social beings, it is significant for us to create and maintain relationships with others. However, the children who do not get secure relationship might face difficulties in developing the sense of trust with others. Relationships that are built at the early stage of life among children have lon lasting effect on their mental health.

Impact on faith/spirituality

Religious beliefs and faith are important aspects of lives in children. Spiritual understanding is not present in young children, rather they are required to be developed while creating an attachment bond with them. Faith among the children is developed in the context of interpersonal relationships that helps in fostering loyalty and trust on family and friends.

Impact on ongoing psycho-social adjustments

Quality of relationship with family and friends along with the parental support helps in increased self-worth and social competence. Securely attached children with their family and friends are more positively oriented towards their life and are more sociable. The children possess high level of perceived competence in multiple domains of their life.

Therapeutic intervention

Various therapeutic interventions are used in medical practices to address disorganized and insecure attachment patterns between children and their families. The most common among these are parenting interventions that aims at improving attachment of children with their parents. Other interventions include attachment based interventions and prevention programs for young children.

Possible complications and co morbid presentations

Comorbidity is referred to as a situation when two illness or disorders occur in the same person at the same time. Increased number of children these days are being diagnosed with chronic attention problems along with mental disorders that seriously disrupt their mental health and functioning and social relationships. Along with this, separation from family and friends could also become a reason for behavioral disorders among children that include selective mutism, separation anxiety disorder and attachment disorder. These could have severe complications on children resulting in long term depression and their growth retardation.

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