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ICT in Business operations of courier company

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ICT in Business operations of courier company

The role of Information Communication and Technology is can be found in storing, manipulating, distributing and processing the information. Over the past years, ICT has provided the businesses with valuable application that has replaced the conventional modes of businesses. In context to it, the following essay is going to explain the usage and value of information and communication technology (ICT) in everyday business operations of a company that is offering the courier services. The essay will highlight how ICT has proven to be a successful and impactful measure in not only satisfying the industry’s customers but also the staff and owners of the same.

When it comes to the usage of ICT applications in Courier company, chatbots is one of the innovative application that ICT has offered to courier companies. This application helps the customer support staff in handling the customer queries in an easy way. Also, it eliminates the need of customer support staff to sit 24*7 for handling the queries of customers. Chatbots provide the customers of courier company with instant replies to their queries by generating autoreplies. This application reduces the expense of courier companies by eliminating the human resource required for customer service operations. Second example of ICT based solutions that has innovated the courier company services is mobile and web application.

This application allows the courier companies in taking online orders from the client side, thus opening new opportunities for the company in generating profits. Also, the mobile application has allowed the staff of courier companies to operate from anywhere and anytime. From this it can be analyzed that ICT solution are valuable for courier companies as it has not benefitted them in enhancing their revenues but added flexibility in their working style as well. Third example of ICT based solutions that are being used in courier companies is automatic identifying technology. This technology includes applications such as bar coding, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Voice recognition.

This allows the courier company in tracking the containers, Cartons, packages or trucks that are carrying the goods. Also, this example of ICT usage in courier company proves that it is valuable for such business as this technology adds accuracy, cost effectiveness, speed in delivery options of logistics. Apart from that usage of RFID tags in warehouse allows the courier companies in tracking their stock or inventory along with the insights of where the order has been reached, picked up and dispatched.

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