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Impact of CSR strategies on the Overall Performance of John Holland

Home Assignment Answers Impact of CSR strategies on the Overall Performance of John Holland

Research background and justification

John Holland operates across Australia, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand and has been included in the projects of every territory and state in Australia. John Holland was founded in 1948 by its namesake sir John Holland. The company was taken over in 1991by Heytesbury Pty Ltd. the sustainability pathway of John Holland is a framework which is based in three enduring goals such as great place to work, future thinking, and better lives. It applies principles of sustainability in all the projects either big or small. It is also an active member of Green Building council of Australia, Australian Constructors Association’s Sustainability working party and also a founding member of Australian Supply chain sustainability school. Hence, the main reasons for the success and growth of John Holland is its CSR strategies and initiatives.


Corporate social responsibility has greatly contributed to the success of corporate institutions. Corporate social responsibility is how the activities of business organizations influences the interest of stakeholder. CSR plays an essential role in the organizational performance. Therefore, the following research aims to depict the CSR strategies being adopted by John Holland in order to improve their overall business performance including financial and organizational performance.

Research objectives, research question and sub questions

The main objectives of this research are listed below:

  1. To determine the impact of CSR strategies on the overall performance of John Holland.
  2. To investigate the role of CSR initiatives adopted by John Holland on its organizational performance.
  3. To depict the impact of CSR initiatives on the financial performance of John Holland.

Research questions

RQ1: what is the impact of CSR strategies on the overall performance of John Holland?

Sub questions

RQ1.1: what is the role of CSR initiatives adopted by John Holland on its organizational performance?

RQ1.2: What is the impact of CSR initiatives on the financial performance of John Holland?

Condensed literature review

Impact of CSR on financials of an organization

(Resmi and Begum, 2018) defines the impact of CSR on the financials of an organization and consider a study of some agribusiness industries of Bangladesh India. In any of the business, CSR activities are foreseeable part and almost all the organizations include corporate social responsibility to remain in better position in society. The quantitative research method is used in this research in which data is collected from the sample of 40 agribusiness industries. Data is also collected from the secondary resources which include the journal articles and CSR reports of the selected agribusiness industries. with the use of relational research design and purposive sampling technique, the collected data from different sources is analyzed. The overall results of the paper reveal that the net income and return on equity are two different factors that impacts positively on the financials of agribusiness industries. Additionally, 56% of the financials of agribusiness organizations are affected by the incorporation of CSR strategies.

(Puppim de Oliveira and Jabbour, 2016) defines that CSR is one of the key areas of debate among the researchers as well as small to medium sized organizations. the article has the main aim to define CSR, climate change and environmental management in the cluster of small organizations in the developing countries. An integrated analytical framework is developed in the research which is useful in order improve the understanding of governance and their roles to address CSR initiatives in different countries. Along with this qualitative research method is used in which a number of literatures focusing on small medium enterprises, management of environment and corporate social responsibility is considered. The results indicates that small and medium size enterprises can grow their performance up to 67% by incorporating CSR strategies.

Impact of CSR on organizational performance

(Siddiq, 2014) attempts to define the impact of corporate social responsibility on the organizational performance. under the qualitative research method, primary data collection and secondary data collection technique is used under which data is collected from Pakistani index. In order to properly analyze the collected data, regression methods and correlation methods are used. under these methods, CSR is selected as the independent variable while the organizational performance is selected as the dependent variable. The results obtained from the correlation and regression analysis depicts that there is significant relationship between ROA and turnover. This significant relationship depicts that there are 45% chances that CSR strategies of an organization impacts ROA and turnover which in turns impacts the performance of an organization.

(Resmi and Begum, 2018) defined the impact of CSR strategies on the financial performance of a firm. A study on the basis of agribusiness industries of India and Bangladesh are selected. Corporate Social Responsibility activities are taken into consideration by all the organizations for the sake of society and for attaining better position in the market or society. This study highlights the impact of CSR strategies on the agribusiness industries’ financial performance in which sample of 40 agribusiness industries is gathered from last three years. The relational research design and purpose sampling technique is used for collecting data from the secondary resources. For analyzing the results of this research, correlation and regression analysis is used and the findings of this analysis reveals that return on net income and equity has positive impact on the financial performance of firms. On the other hand, return on earnings per share and return on assets does not create significant impact on the organization’s financial performance. Moreover, various suggestions are also provided in this research for the future work. On the basis of the research findings, the postulates of the CSR are taken into consideration as an important growth element for any firm especially agribusiness industries.


Qualitative research methodology is the research method which is used for performing this research. Using this research method, research questions are formulated and the impact of the CSR strategies on the overall performance of the John Holland company is investigated. Along with this, the impact of CSR strategies on the organizational and financial performance of John Holland is also examined. The research problem is also identified and a research method is proposed for exploring problem statement of research. Initially, the problem domain of the research is specified and the research questions are formulated. Then the review related work of different authors is done for investigating the impact of CSR strategies on the overall performance of John Holland. The data is collected from the well-reputed online secondary resources and then a research methodology is formulated that deals with the information which is associated with the research questions and research method. The secondary data collected in this research is analyzed using subjective or exploratory analysis. After framing the research methodology for this research, data collection method is provided for collecting data the data in order to answer the research question. The data collection also includes different questions asked from the respondents on the basis of which the answers obtained are also verified. In order to know the perceptions of the different respondents, the questionnaire is distributed online.

Data collection method including Questionnaire Design

For accessing the impact of CSR strategies on the overall performance of John Holland, data is collected from different sources. For collecting primary data, questionnaire is designed which is distributed among 20 respondents of the John Holland Company. This questionnaire is distributed among the different demographics such as technical background, age, and gender. This questionnaire design includes both open ended as well as close ended questionnaire. The questionnaire was distributed among the mining engineer, mine surveyor, mine inspector and project manager. Sample size 20 is selected in this data collection method which is selected using random sampling technique. The questionnaire is distributed through emails and for generating the questionnaire survey, Likert Scale is used. Likert Scale is used for providing perceptions of number of respondents and for scaling their responses.

Research Questions

Method of research

Type of data collection method

Organization’s name

Number of respondents

Designation of respondents

RQ.1: What is the impact of CSR strategies on the overall performance of John Holland?


RQ.1: what is the impact of CSR strategies of John Holland on organizational performance?


RQ.2: What is the impact of CSR strategies of John Holland on financial performance?

Qualitative research method

Primary data collection method

John Holland


Project Manager, Mine Inspector,
Mining engineer and mine surveyor.

Questionnaire Design

 What’s your age?

  • 20-24
  • 25-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39

What’s your gender?

  • Female
  • Male

What’s your qualification?

  • Graduation
  • Post-graduation

How many years of job or technical or job experience do you have?

  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • More than 2 years

Do you agree on the point that CSR strategies create impact on the overall performance of John Holland?

  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly agree
  • Strongly disagree
  • Neutral

If yes, then does CSR strategies create have created impact on the organizational and financial performance of John Holland?

  • No
  • Yes

Specific Requirements

  • The research is free from any copyright issues because the research method used in this research can be generalized.
  • The research is performed for society’s beneficence
  • The research maintains the privacy of the respondents involved in the research and cannot be breached easily.

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