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Industrial Energy Systems

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What is Industrial Energy systems

The industrial energy systems include all the industries involved in the production and sale of the energy. It provides the systematic view of the industrial organizations that how the energy product life cycle take place for them. In the modern era, the industrial organizations consume large amount of fuel and energy for their business processes, infrastructure and maintenance. Such amount of energy consumption and residues also put high impact on the environmental protection. Thus, there are number of techniques are under research, to improve the energy efficiency of the industrial systems because the industrial energy system is prone to the adverse effects for the society.

Issue with energy development at the industrial level

Energy development is one the industry which has negative impact on the society. The energy production form water can be considered as environment friendly. Hydrogen fuel and electricity are the energy sources those are produced from water. However, the nations with the low water availability are facing the issues for the industrialization. Thus, the energy production through water cannot be considered as energy efficient solution. To resolve this issue, enzymatic decomposition of biomass for the energy production is under research. It can be considered as the energy efficient solution for the society. Other than electricity, oil is one of the energy resource used in the industries. Coal gasification and liquefaction are the modern techniques used in the oil reserves in the efficient manner.

Issue with energy consumption at the industrial level

Along with the energy development, the energy consumption at the industrial level is also an issue for the society. Many industrial organizations such as power plants burn oil, coal or natural gas to generate energy for them at the large scale. While production and consumption of the energy, the organization generate significant amount of pollution including greenhouse gases and toxic from fuel combustion, oil spillages and generation of nuclear power. It also generates air pollutants including Sulphur dioxide, Carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. The emission of these greenhouse gases from the industrial organizations put the negative impact on the entire ecology. These gases are contributing the global warming at the large scale which has adverse effects on the ecology. It also became the reason for the ozone depletion which threatens the biosphere on the earth. Thus, the industrial energy system is the topic of discussion for the entire society. There are number of research scholars are conducting the research to resolve this problem. Furthermore, the mass production and consumption of the energy is threating the society which is important to be resolved at quick before diminishing the natural resources.

Solution to reduce the negative impact of Industrial Energy Systems

DSM (Demand Side Management) is one of the technique is proposed by the research scholars to be used for the reduced negative environmental impact of the industrial energy system over society. The solution is also known as performance efficiency, operation efficiency, equipment efficiency and technology efficiency (POET). This method is highly useful for the selection of energy-intensive industrial processes.

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