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Case Study: Information System Analysis & Design (Go Help Me)

Home Assignment Answers Case Study: Information System Analysis & Design (Go Help Me)

Case Study: Information System Analysis & Design (Go Help Me)

The report is conducted for the charitable organization which is run by the group of volunteers and chairperson named as Alex Smith. Alex started a movement for homeless people by using crowd funding. In the present scenario, the organization uses free messaging services for gathering fund related notifications. As the existing manual system used by the organization lagging in providing the proper accuracy in all the services, Alex smith wants to develop a new information system for overcoming the problems with the current system. The aim of the report is to provide the new approach for information system development for Go Help Me organization which would be helpful in developing information system.

Along with this, the aim is to provide project and cost benefit analysis for understanding the feasibility of the overall project. Another aim is to develop the schedule of the project as well as the techniques for investing the requirements of the system. The objective of project development is to make online money donation process so that the patrons can donate money online and can get automatic email for thanking for their contribution. Along with this, the objective is to provide the facility of record management for managing annual and monthly transactions anytime and anywhere.

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