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Information System Foundation (Fallon Solution)

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Part A

Organizational Form of Fallon using Mintzberg’s classification

Primary activities of Fallon

The primary activities related to Fallon are mentioned below that are utilized to covert the inputs into outputs for the clients:

  1. Inbound Logistics
  2. Operations
  3. Outbound Logistics
  4. Marketing and Sales
  5. Service

Secondary activities of Fallon

The secondary activities related to Fallon are mentioned below that support all the primary activities of the organization. Each secondary activity plays a crucial role in each of the primary activities.

  1. Procurement
  2. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  3. Technological Development
  4. Infrastructure

Porter’s Analysis of Fallon

  • Competitive Rivalry: As service industry of Australia is a largest industry in nation, there are also number of major rivalries operating in the industry in order to provide the range of necessary services to the clients. Due to this intense competition among company’s competitors, there is very high pressure over Fallon to earn profit with high margins. Fallon is providing its services at competitive pricing which the company able to sustain the competitive edge. Thus, there can be low threat of this competitive rivalry for Fallon.
  • Threat of new entrants: The company Fallon has effectively maintained its reputation for better electrical services in Australian markets that is hard to be attained by new entrant. Thus, there is very low threat of new entrant for the company.
  • Bargaining power of customers: The company allows its customers to select the required service in order to limit bills to pay and they can select the service according to affordability. Along with this, the organization is also providing the competitive pricing that reduces the threat about bargaining power about customers. Thus, there is moderate impact of such force on pricing of the organization as clients can’t impact the pricing of company’s service at very high level.
  • Bargaining power of suppliers: The suppliers to Fallon have direct power in order to provide the services and products at willing prices. It influences the company’s prices directly. Thus, there is very high threat of bargaining power of suppliers to Fallon.
  • Threat of substitution: The pricing of the organization is the competitive pricing and product as well as service lines about it highly wider than its competitors. It minimizes the threat of substitution for organization as there is very low possibility of client in order to switch to all the competitors with very low pricing. Thus, there is very low threat of substitution for company.


Problematic Human Activity System of Fallon

Some problems related to human activity system of organization are as follows:

  1. An annoyed customer of the company brings his car back to service department after completing the service. Along with this, the customer also hands the randomly filled log book to company’s staff.
  2. The service desk operator examines the car along with comments of customer about car not meeting all the demands and expectations after the service.
  3. The comments, log book and car are provided to mechanic and all the comments to the manager that records them for purpose of quality assurance.
  4. The car is then re-serviced, quality checked and returned to the client with service note as well as voucher for complimentary tire rotation in order to make the client happy.

Rich picture showing problems and concerns of stakeholders in problematic human activity system

In this section, the rich picture is demonstrated that shows all the issues related to problematic human activity system along with associated stakeholders.

BPMN for identified human activity system

In this section, BPMN for the identified human activity system of Fallon is demonstrated in this section, which shows the activities and processes of human activity system in appropriate manner.

DeLone-McLean Model of Information system success

This section involves the validation about problematic human activity system of Fallon with unsuccessful areas. This system is described in following terms:

  1. System Quality
  2. Information Quality
  3. Service Quality
  4. Intention to use
  5. User Satisfaction
  6. Net Benefits

Limitations of identified human activity systems in context of success measures

The success of human activity system is measured on basis of efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness as discussed below:

Efficiency: The identified human activity system cannot be descried as efficient system because it effectively delivers the customer service with very high response time.

Efficacy: The manual processing related to customer complaint cannot generate the intended result.

Effectiveness: The existing system cannot ensure the effectiveness due to lack of capabilities to provide quality solutions.


Proposed Information System

In this section, a new information system will be identified that can properly add value to company’s business (primary or secondary values as per Porter’s value model). The new information system will effectively add the value to the business and make all the processes automated in all manners. The new information system will have capabilities to eliminate all the issues related to identified human activity system appropriately.

Identified different stakeholders for new information system along with their roles

Different stakeholders that will be involved for new information system of Fallon are:

  • Customers
  • Manager
  • Mechanic

Data and information involved along with knowledge management in new proposed system

The new information system of the company will handle the:

  • Customer details
  • Service details
  • Complaint details
  • Mechanic details
  • Manager details

BPMN for new information system

In this section, BPMN of proposed information system is demonstrated that shows the flow of processes or working of new system in the company along with stakeholders.

Classification of new information system

The new information system proposed for Fallon organization are classified into following sections as discussed below:

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Customer Facing
  • Supplier Facing

Success measures about proposed information system

The success of proposed information system will also be measured on basis of three factors such as:

Efficiency: The efficiency of system must be high.

Efficacy: The automated processing about customer complaint will generate the intended results.

Effectiveness: It will ensure the effectiveness of the system appropriately.


Recommendations and Reflection

In this section, the memo to the organization management will be composed that interacts all the recommendations for how to create the new information system so that the failure of the system could be avoided. Some of the main recommendations are as follows:

  • The company is recommended to invest for online complaint processing system.
  • The company is recommended to improve the efficiency about complaint processing.
  • The company is recommended to deploy automated system for management of all the issues related to human activity system.

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