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COIT20248 | Information Systems Analysis and Design Answer | IT

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COIT20248 | Information Systems Analysis and Design Answer | IT

Software development is known as a process of making the new software solutions or modifying the current software solutions. The software can be developed as well as designed in several ways. This approach is taken to develop and design the package of software that can vary from the limited and simple planning approach to very formal, detailed and structured approach. The structured approach to developing the application of software includes the utilisation of program development cycle such as:

  • Defining the problem: It is very important to understand the problem in more description as possible.
  • Planning of the solution: It is very necessary to start the planning as well as deign of the design of the solution to the specific problem. The solution of planning involves developing algorithms, data types and diagrams.
  • Building the solution: It involves converting the algorithms and specifications developed whole planning stage.
  • Checking the solution: Once the coding is finished, the solution must be tested
  • Changing the solution: The changes need to be done in this section as pre requirement.

System Requirements

System requirements are defined as the configuration that the desired system must have for the software or hardware application to run efficiently and smoothly. In case, it fails to meet all the requirements than it can result in the problems of performance or installation.

Project Scheduling

Project Scheduling is defined as a method to interact that what activities require for getting complete and which resources will be assigned for the accomplishment of those activities in what timeframe. A project schedule is called as a document gathering all the work which is required to deliver the specific project as per the deadline. WBS (work breakdown structure) is known as an essential deliverable of the project that organises the work of team into some manageable sections.

The sections which need to cover in this assignment are as follows:

Task 1

In this task, the system development approach needs to define with the help of which the system needs to be developed. Along with this, the selected approach needs to justify the development of the system.

Task 2

In this task, the requirements of the system need to define which can involve the functional as well as non-functional requirements. All the requirements should be defined clearly in this section related to the desired system.

Task 3

In this, the cost benefit analysis has to discuss the project regarding which the excel sheet should be given that shows the complete analysis appropriately.

Task 4

In this section, the project schedule needs to discuss in which you have to demonstrate the work breakdown structure (WBS) as per selected methodology and approach. Along with this, the Gantt chart should also be given. The relation between Gantt chart and WBS must also discuss in this section. Apart from this, you also have to discuss the goals of the system, requirements of the system and scope of the system appropriately. The reasonability of the project schedule must also define in this particular task. You have to create the .mpp file for this assignment along with their assignment solutions.

Task 5

In this particular task, the investigation techniques regarding system information requirement have to discuss that can involve brainstorming, interviews, questionnaire etc. Along with this, the involved stakeholders in the development of project must also be defined that can involve project manager, account manager, development team etc. For this, you have to select three most appropriate investigation techniques that can also help in the collection of requirements for the proposed system. Additionally, you also have to justify clearly the usefulness of three selected investigation techniques.

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