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Internet of Things Application for Smart Cities

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Internet of Things Application for Smart Cities


The main aim of the report is to determine the importance of Internet of Things as an emerging technology and its application field in the field of smart city named as smart/ intelligent transport system. The research mainly aims to find the way through which the transportation systems can be improved with the implementation of smart devices and smart services in context to the smart cities. In order to fulfill the aim of the research, the research question is formulated. After the formation of research question, the research includes the background information. Background information of the research mainly covers the important points like the proper definition of internet of things, the importance of smart cities along with smart technologies and the importance of internet of thing based Intelligent Transport System.

Research question

Information technology is responsible for transforming the number of industries starting from the healthcare to the education or government sector. now, the information technology is being used in making the cities smart through the smart development in homes, healthcare, transportation system etc. In the transportation system, the use of smart devices and smart services is considered as important. The research tries to provide the importance of the smart services of internet of things in order to improve the transportation system. Following is the formulated research question for the same:

R Q 1: How transportation system can be improved with the use of IOT, Internet of Things enabled smart devices along with smart services in the context to Smart Societies/Cities?

Background information

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of things is a computing concept that include number of physical devices incorporated into a network. Number of communication methods are also included in the internet of things such as RFID, wireless network, wireless communication etc. it is one of the significant emerging technologies as it includes the digital identification of the objects. Internet of things is not only associated with the live of human being but also include the new smart technologies that to incorporate into daily lives (S and G. A, 2017). There are number of interrelated devices included in the internet of things such as computing devices, mechanical machines, and digital machines that has the ability to transfer huge amount of data.

Importance of IOT based smart cities

There is a huge importance of the IOT based smart cities as the smart city is considered as one of the most challenging tasks from last few years. It is estimated that over 6 billion of people will start living in the urban areas until 2050. This mass concentration of people led to the number of opportunities along with challenges. The implementation of the smart cities also includes various challenges like security, mobility, poverty, and pollution. Along with these problems, there are also number of reasons for the incorporation of the smart cities. Among all, the main and important reason is to bring better urbanization in the country.

Internet of Things based ITS, Intelligent Transport System

There are number of internet of things based intelligent transport systems that are proposed by the different authors in their past as well as current work. (R and Rani, 2017) has proposed IOT based smart intelligent system for the intelligent transport system which aims to provide the powerful as well as smart communication technologies in smart city. The intelligent traffic management system mainly works on three different layers such as application layer, acquisition layer, and the network layer that works along with the RFID technologies. It also works with the smart technologies like WiMAX and 4G technologies for collecting the data from the wireless communication network. Similarly, (S and G. A, 2017) also proposed an intelligent transport system that include number of wireless communication technologies. It also includes the survey on different applications of IOT along with ITS architecture that supports wireless communications, remote sensing, and mobile computing services.


From the above report, it is concluded that there is a huge advancement in the overall development of the smart technologies like remote sensing, cloud computing, internet of things and big data. number of literatures are reviewed in order to find the various architectures, frameworks that are proposed for intelligent transport system in context to the smart cities.

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