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IOT Research Project

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IOT Research Project

During the academic year, the students are provided with different assignments and IOT is the main considered as a common topic related to these assignments. Students face difficulties while doing assignments related to this due to lack of knowledge about this technology. For this, they are searching for online IOT assignment help to get help from professional writers to complete their assignments.

Define IOT?

IOT is technology also called as the internet of things which is described as a network of vehicles, physical devices, home appliances and other items that are embedded with software, sensors, actuators, electronics and network connectivity for data transmission.

How to make assignments related to IOT?

Firstly, students must select one topic related to IOT to draft your assignments.

Task 1: In this task, the student has to analyse the project purpose and describe the selected topic along with expected format of the report. The student has to give the problem statement about the topic in this part.

Task 2: This is considered as the main part of the overall research project in which students has to write the literature review on the selected topic. It needs to structure it in the chronological order. Apart from this, the student must give the list of resources for the project by literature and need to select one requirement to work further. It also needs to note the past and current methodologies used to resolve research problem as well as requirement.

Task 3: In this task, the student has to draft a report for a research project as per given format:

  1. Executive Summary: In this, the executive summary has to be written that should involve purpose, method, scope, conclusion, recommendations as well as results.
  2. Literature review: In this, the literature review on your selected topic has to be written by current and past work.
  • Used Methodology: In this, the student has to write five or more different methodologies used in the present and past.
  1. Comparison between methodologies: In this, the student has to compare all discussed methodologies from the perspective of different parameters given in the question file.
  2. Best Suited methodology: In this part, the best suited methodology has to be selected for your problem and need to describe with proper justifications.
  3. Graphs and tables: You can include different graphs and tables that support all the arguments and justification.
  • Findings and conclusion: After this, the findings and conclusion of overall research have to be discussed.
  • References: In this, the list of references should be given in APA6 format.

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