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Management and Leadership at Tarmac and its Key Stakeholders

Home Assignment Answers Management and Leadership at Tarmac and its Key Stakeholders

Tarmac, a CRH Company headquartered in England was formed as Lafarge Tarmac in March 2013 provides innovative solutions in creating a sustainable environment. It is a British building material company based in UK and subsidiary of CRH plc.

Tarmac has achieved the position of being a market leader in its wide range of products. The diverse range of products of Tarmac includes recycling services, cement, asphalt, aggregates, building products, lime, and powders.

Emma Hines is the leader of the Tarmac company who follows the transformational style of leadership to bring all the needed changes easily in the company. Tarmac company also have external associates that help in providing training to all the managers through leadership academy. The leader of the company focuses on ensuring innovation, motivation, job performance; and the health and safety of employees.

Tarmac helps in creating and building a sustainable building environment for various infrastructure projects. The major activities of Tarmac include operating its business units and aggregates and building products internationally. Its entrepreneurship has various support functions such as Human resource, strategies and finance which further helps in achieving all the functional areas effectively.
Functional areas of Tarmac deals with technical, marketing and operations that help it in providing sustainable building materials and constructive solutions for innovative projects. Along with this, Tarmac acts responsibly towards its customers, employees, government, community and other stakeholders.

The major stakeholders of Tarmac include both internal and external stakeholders and their support help the company in achieving its strategic goals effectively.
Internal stakeholders of Tarmac get directly affected by the activities of the company and also the activities of Tarmac directly influence them. Some of the internal stakeholders of the company are as follows:
Investors: Lot of finance is required by the company which the company gets from the financial supporters i.e. investors of the company. Execution of large infrastructure projects is possible only if the investors of the company are satisfied. Thus, Tarmac will ensure high satisfaction of its investors.
Suppliers: Tarmac needs various material and sustainable energy to maintain sustainability in its operations which the company gets from its diverse suppliers.
Citizens: Citizens play a key role in infrastructure projects affecting the future of cities by providing their reviews on the project developments.
Policymakers: Various policies are made and changed in the tarmac company from time to time for which the company has a team of policymakers and also the policymakers such as government influence the activities of the company.
Planners: Planners help the company by initiating various plans and ensuring that all the outcome meet the plans. They also ensure that plans made are sustainable enough to ensure energy saving.
Experts: Various experts are hired by the company to ensure sustainability in its operations and completion of large infrastructure projects.
Media: Tarmac has its business on a large scale. Media provides true reviews about the company to the public which can be both positive and negative reviews about the company. Also, for making the customers aware of various developments taking place and plans initiated, tarmac needs the use of various media.
Government: Government policies affect company operations by providing support for infrastructure projects.
Employees: Employees of Tarmac help it in the initiation and completion of various projects. Tarmac also ensures health and safety programs for its employees to keep them happy at the workplace.
External stakeholders of Tarmac are shown as below which are linked with the company but indirectly influence the activities of the company.
Academic institutions: Academic and research institutions provide Tarmac with the various research conclusions to help initiate construction solutions and development of the future of cities projects.
Nonprofit organizations: Tarmac regularly provide information and updates to NPO about its plans for the future and also about the current initiated infrastructure projects.
Administrators: Administrators of Tarmac provide support to various public services and help in managing resources efficiently locally as well as nationally.

Tarmac stakeholders include the individuals or groups influencing or influenced by various activities. Various key stakeholders of the company need to be properly managed and led to ensure their satisfaction as satisfied stakeholders will bring success to the company.
Effective management and leadership of stakeholders at Tarmac requires the employment of professional teams and the development of various communication channels. Regular meetings should also be organized at the workplace for making the company’s stakeholders aware of various plans, issues, and future propositions. Further, regular meetings and multiple communication channels will help the company in creating a pleasant working environment in the company.

There are various reasons behind the company which can’t be list out. Some of them are discussed below:
Company’s concept and belief in strategic human resource management (SHRM) has helped it in achieving the highest position among employers and becoming the employer of choice for its employees.
The company HR policy focuses on bringing diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. diversity and inclusion policy has brought employees with diverse skills and talents at the workplace.
Well established communication channels and professional leaders of Tarmac have further supported the company in delegating greater responsibilities to its employees.

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