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HI5017 | Managerial Accounting Assignments | Accounts

In these days, ABC (Activity-Based Costing) has now become very famous in the business writing as well as circles of management where the activity can be the procedure for customer complaints. Nevertheless, the calculating baselines for developing the specific model, activities as well as retesting of the developed model once it is deployed, is costly and time-consuming. The traditional ABC (Activity-Based Costing) model has been hard for many companies to deploy due to high cost spent to survey and interview people for the initial model of ABC, the utilization of subjective as well as costly-to-validate allocations of time and the complexity of updating and maintaining the model as:

  • procedures and change of spending of resource
  • new activities or tasks are added
  • Increases happen in complexity and diversity of individual channels, orders and customers.

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Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing

TDABC is defined as a costing methodology that reflects the demand and supply for capacity as well as costs that influence the estimated unit time to measure time as a driver in place of a single driver. It utilizes a multi-driver approach to obtain high-level of variability and distinction of cost between different objects of cist as compared to DR ABC (Driver Rate-Based Activity-based costing). TDABC is a methodology which was introduced by Robert S. Kaplan and Steven R. Anderson in 2004 in November. Time-Driven ABC needs estimates of two different parameters only such as the unit cost related to supplying capacity and the total time needed to execute a transaction or any other activity. This time-driven activity based capacity model:

  • It can be installed as well as estimated very quickly.
  • It is updated very easily to reflect any changes in procedures, a variety of orders as well as the cost of the resource.
  • It can be validated by straight inspection of the estimates of unit times related to the model.
  • It can be scaled simply to manage a large number of transactions while delivering real-time documenting as well as fast time for processing.

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What are the different advantages of TDABC?

  • TDABC offers an accurate strategic cost as well as profitability model, which is inexpensive, fast and simple to create.
  • TDABC offers integration with the complete data related to transactions, which is now available from CRM customer relationship management) systems and ERP (Enterprise resource planning).
  • It offers the costing model based on different transaction precise of individual suppliers, consumers, procedures and orders.
  • It offers a model that detects the opportunities for procedure efficiencies as well as capacity management.
  • It provides a model that is simple and cheap to update as modifications happen inefficiencies of procedures and costs of the process.
  • It provides a general approach to profitability and cost management which can be utilized in any organization or industry with complexity in products, customers, segments, channels and procedures.

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