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Market analysis of EarthBath

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EarthBath is the natural pet care company. The company has been operating since 1995 and making natural products for the pet care especially Dogs. The company provides wide range of the pet shampoos which are gentle on the skins of pets and it is also well tested and approved. The following report represents the market analysis of the company.

Market forecast

The market forecast can be undertaken by the company to identify their current needs and demand and it can be undertaken using the below methods-

  • Forecast by subjective approach
  • Forecast by Delphi method

Competitor Analysis

  1. Home alive Pets- The Home alive pets provide the tough competition to the Earth bath in terms of presenting wide range of shampoos and conditions for dogs. Some of the features of the product are it suits to sensitive skin, medicated shampoo etc. The price range of this shampoo is from $12- $24.
  2. Burt’s Bees- It is also another player that provides toughest competition to the Earthbath. Its price for 16-oz bottle is around $5.19 which means it main feature is it is totally herbal and natural shampoo.

Market segmentation

  • Geographical Basis- It basically targets the consumers in Canada who owns pets.
  • Psychological segmentation- The company targets the customers who are dog lover and the health of Dog for them is topmost priority.

SWOT analysis


Voted by retailers as number 1 pet selling shampoo in the year 2013-14.

Global pet wash program initiated by company


It only deals with few categories of products such as Shampoos, conditioners, grooming wipes etc.


To come up with other grooming products of the Pets such as Dog’s accessories etc.


High number of competitions from players such as Home alive Pets, Burt’s Bees.


Estimated annual purchases

Estimated annual purchases of the customers are the estimate figure for how many consumers would buy the products of the company which means that how many products would be bought by different kinds of consumers. It mainly depends upon the type of market consumer is dealing.

Positioning/Perpetual mapping

Perpetual mapping of Earth Bath is g=highlighted below. In the following map brand A is Home alive Pets the who provides premium quality and premium prices to the customers whereas brand B stands for Burt’s Bees who provides low price and low quality product to customers and Brand C stands for EarthBath who provides good quality to customers at low prices.

Marketing mix

  1. Product- Product offered by company is Dog/pet care shampoos and conditions
  2. Price- Cost leadership strategy is followed by organization for pricing its products.
  3. Promotion- Official websites, social media platforms
  4. Place- Product would reach customers through retail stores, partnership with e-commerce retailers.

Branding and packaging- The product have a brand name that can be easily recognized by the company and packaging must be effectively done to protect the product from damage and also from point of view of advertisement.

Value chain

  • Dissatisfaction with competitors’ brands- the existing brands are offers poor quality of products or products with high pricing.
  • Product planning- The company is required to conduction market research to make products according to the needs and desires of customers.
  • Buying motives and relationship of links- the buying motives of the customers must be understood by the company and the company is also required to opt for affiliate marketing to understand the relationship of links.

Product life cycle- Product life cycle includes stages such as Birth, Growth, Maturity and Obsolescence.

Performance evaluation

Performance evaluations must be done periodically for evaluating the organizational achievements of its objectives in an effective and efficient manner.

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