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Nanotechnology- Present and Future

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Nanotechnology- Present and Future

The technology has been setting the future of the world on the cycle of change. All the surroundings of the climate, world of engineering and science are affected by the winds of advents and advancements in the technologies and the gadgets. Nanotechnology is one of the technologies which has laid a huge impact on the researchers and the scientists and have shifted the thinking of the researchers with 360 degrees. Nanomedicine and nanotoxicology are the two most important and widely researched topics under this vast field.

Nanotechnology is the technology which studies the engineering phenomenon at the nano-level such as 1/10^9m. The parameters of the research are production, characterization, design and the applications of devices, systems, structures and many more. The materials which are under the dimension of 100nm or more are known as nanomaterials, and they can be seen naturally in the form of smoke, sand, dust etc. Presently, we have the capability of using these nanomaterials to fulfil some set of specific needs, and the field is known as Engineered Nanomaterials (ENM).

Approximated costs to be spent on the technology

Most of the developed countries are focused on paying a huge amount on the technology. The tech-giants are ready to invest trillions in the research and study. This implies that there is a steep growth in the applications of the technology with the most common usage in the consumer and the industrial world such as paints, cosmetics, food products, lacquers, coatings etc.

See how nanotechnology will transform the world, but before have a look at Regulations of Nanotechnology in USA And Europe to have sound knowledge on the topic.

The categories affected widely by the advancements in nanotechnology are-


The treatment of the diseases will be eased with the help of the nanomaterials along with the diagnostics and prophylactics. We know that cancer is such a disease which is proliferating in the world due to the adulterations in every consumable thing. So, the technology will help in the treatment and the research of this deadly disease expected to save millions of lives in the world. This happens so because the technology and the minutely small materials present help in monitoring the individual cells in the body and diagnose anything unusual happening therewithin. Most of the researchers say that nanotechnology is not the future of the world, it is present here already. A biomarker is the example of this in the medical field. The best application is the early detection of the disease using the nanoprobes of nanotechnology. The other functions of biomarker are to research in the field of genomics, and proteomics which are eased with the usage of the Nano biosensors able to control and prevent the diseases.

Food and Cosmetics

  • The supermarkets do not need to worry about the temperatures of their food products, Nanosensors are there to monitor it, and Nano clay is there for protection.
  • The intake of the supplements is improved by nanosized powders
  • Nanocapsules enhance the nutrients’ bioavailability
  • ZnO and TiO2 in sunblock and creams

Human & Environmental Health

  • Delivery of the pesticides by nanocapsules
  • For water purification, water wells are added with nanomaterials

Technology and Industry

  • Use of quantum dots in LED panels for improved visibility
  • Improved performance of the
  • automotive materials

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