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Network Design (Assessment 2)

Home Assignment Answers Network Design (Assessment 2)

The process of designing a network should be driven by a set of objectives. It is necessary to set clear objectives which relate to the parameters on the basis of which network should be evaluated. The technical goals of the network project include performance, availability, scalability, the performance of the network, and streamlining of network management functions. When the network design is implemented in an organization, there is a need to test the network using testing plans.

Following steps are performed for testing the design of the network:

  • Initially, the configuration of the DNS server is performed. This configuration is required to be performed by selecting service options available in the server. For demonstrating this step, Cisco Packet Tracer is used.
  • When the DNS configuration is required to be performed, the Domain Name Server should be checked by selecting a browser from PC.
  • For checking the availability of the server, DNS server’s IP address in ping.
  • The last step of network design testing is to check the DNS configuration of the organization by using NS lookup Command.

Technical goals and trade-offs associated with network project

Technical goals:

  • The high bandwidth of network:

The network of the organization is required to provide high bandwidth for allowing them to use organizational services efficiently.

  • Network performance of network:

The organizational network should provide high performance for enabling them to access all the applications and services successfully.


Network performance, availability, manageability, security, affordability etc are some trade-offs related to the network.

Network Test Plan

Test plans are created over the network for testing the performance of the network. The main purpose of testing network architecture is to check the availability, throughput, redundancy, and regression of the network. Following are some additional objectives of network test plan:

  • The test plan is created for testing the video streaming and the criteria used for testing and analyzing the video streaming is based on the amount of packets loss while accessing packet. The acceptance strategy that is used for video streaming is less than 150ms and less than 3%.
  • The test plan is also created for testing the response time of web application while accessing the network.
  • Availability: To check whether the network is available, ping is most commonly used by the engineers or network administrators.
  • DNS Testing: In DNS testing, testing is performed for checking the availability of domain name. DNS server is configured in the network for testing perform DN test.

Following test are required to run for checking the performance of an organization:

  • Regression Testing
  • Throughput testing
  • While streaming of web application, testing packet loss
  • Testing response time for web applications

Test Scripts

Test scripts formulated in the testing plan should be performed with the help of a protocol analyzer tool. Wireshark is one such protocol analyzer tool which is used for completing the objectives listed in the test scripts.

Project Core Testing Activities

The core testing activities of a network project are discussed below:

  • Finding a Testing environment
  • Creation of acceptance criteria
  • Planning of test cases
  • Configuring test environment
  • Implementation of test design
  • Test plan execution
  • Test report analysis

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