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ITC508 | Object Modeling Elaboration Phase

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ITC508 | Object Modeling Elaboration Phase

In master’s students’ life, allocation of assignments is a day to day task. Moreover, assignments regarding the case studies of the proposed topics are on the priority list of the professors. It is a task which demands some strategies to follow to accomplish it with excellence. If you are not aware of the winning process, then, give a read to the following content and get to know how to manage IT assignments and case studies of object modelling elaboration phase.

  1. Begin with an introduction- commence the task of writing a case study giving an introduction of the case study and the outline of the assignment. Make sure that you keep the introduction pertinent to help the reader to have an acute understanding of the central idea of writing a case study. Be specific and describe the points which you are going to include in the whole document. Do not forget to share your ideologies and the ways of their implementation.
  2. Explain the functional and non-functional requirements- it’s time to elaborate the requirements of the information system. There are two types of requirements- functional and non-functional. Add both. It is the primary step in any case study or an assignment. Give a brief description of the requirements part. Along with this, you can also your knowledge of the case study to cite the best functional requirements. For the non-functional requirements, take help of the internet, search them and write them in your own words.
  3. Prepare the use cases- Use cases are an essential part of the object modelling elaboration phase case study assignment. Include all the possible use cases of the concept. It helps in easy understanding of the whole study in a short duration. There are various tools for the creation of use case diagrams. Microsoft Visio and are the two famous software IT tools. Mention all the key and primary points of a use case diagram. Add the actors of the distinct functions of the information system. In the third step, mention all the process that you undertook while doing a particular use case.
  4. Add UML domain class diagrams-UML is the standardization of the approach to the software design. Pay extra attention while doing this part. It is one of the most significant requirements of the case study. There should not be any chance of errors. Good UML domain class lay the foundation for a compelling case study. UML domain class shows the attributes and operations of the classes. These diagrams give high-level access to the data, that is why its significance is so high.
  1. Prepare system model of the information system- Make event-partitioned system model for the information system of Object Modelling Elaboration Phase. The system model represents and describes a system in brief. Under this section, explain in detail the significant use cases describe in the earlier stage of the case study. To get some technical help, use Microsoft Project for the development of the portioned event.
  2. Describe the SDLC process- SDLC is a software cycle which depicts the phases to be executed in the project. Under the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) process, mention all the activities of it- Planning, System Analysis and Requirements, System Design, Development, Integration and Testing, Implementation and Operations and Maintenance of the assignment process. You can also cover the various SDLC models.

It is the fundamental procedure which you should follow to submit an excellent Object Modeling Elaboration Phase case study. But, if the task is seeming you a headache, you can opt for Object Modelling Elaboration Phase help.

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