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Object Modelling Validation Phase | ITC508

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Object Modelling Validation Phase | ITC508

The validation phase of object modelling assignment need the adequate knowledge of programming language or interaction diagrams. In this assignment, the students have two choices, either they can make object-oriented design models by using object oriented programming language such as C++, C# or Java language or they can use interaction diagrams such as communication diagram or sequence diagram. This assignment is a complex diagram and the students without adequate knowledge fails to prepare quality assignment. Our expert writers have discussed requirements of the system which are necessary to develop this kind of assignments.

As there are two ways to complete the assignment.

Task 1:

The task one of the assignment is very complex method to do the assignment as the student need to have proper knowledge about the object oriented language such as C++, C#, java and so on.  The student need to have adequate knowledge in these programming language to develop object oriented system model of information system. The students need to make the prototype of any subsystem of the main information system. The students who are not familiar with programming languages must not attempt to make the assignment with this task.

Task 2:

The task two is quite easy for the students as it does not require any programming language knowledge. The students who opted this task must have adequate knowledge about the communication diagrams or sequence diagrams. The preparation of this assignment with this task is quite easy as the students need to show the sequence of processes that how the functions will be performed in the system.

The right format to complete this assignment is as underneath:

Introduction: The students must mention about the case study in introduction such as about the company, issues facing by company and the layout of the assignment. The students must explain the elements that will be included in the assignment. The students must explain the use cases of the previous assessment in the introduction part of this assignment.

Description of Use cases: The students need to provide the description of use cases which are developed in the previous assessment. The student must use major use case in this assignment to prepare the sequence diagram.

Sequence diagrams:  After selecting the major use case, the student need to prepare the sequence diagram of the use case. The sequence diagram shows the sequence of processes and interaction of different object with each other. This diagram is arranged in the time sequence. The students can make the sequence diagrams in Microsoft Visio. The students must also give the description of sequence diagram n detail to explain the flow of information and interaction of different objects with each other.

Conclusion: In the end, the students must provide the conclusion representing the elements that will be discussed in the assignment.

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