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1 Practical and Written Assessment

Home Assignment Answers 1 Practical and Written Assessment


The main purpose of this report is to critically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the selected article. The overall value of the article has been evaluated on the basis of various factors such as impacts, advances, contributions etc.

Background of the research

The conducted research examined the impact of language proficiency or language structure on student’s critical thinking ability. The aim of this conducted research is to evaluate how language structure of Japanese students affect their overall critical thinking performance.

Research problem

Why student’s production of evaluative statements is different in English and Japanese language?

Other core research questions

In this research, several research questions have been analyzed by the author such as

  1. How critical thinking performance and language proficiency of Japanese University’s students are interlinked with each other?
  2. Examine the language proficiency ability of first year students of Japanese University?

Research methodology

Research methodology refers to a technique or procedure which have been used to select, identify, analyze and process information about selected research topic. Quantitative research methodology has been used by the author to perform this study. The language proficiency of students has measured on the basis of fluency and accuracy parameters. In this study, analyses of variance conducted for comparing the sentence formation/production capability of Japanese students.

Major research findings

The key findings of this study showed that language proficiency (language structure) influences the production/formation of evaluative sentences. Along with this, this study proved that conceptualization of critical thinking ability of Japanese students is not dependent on the type of language being used by them.

Significance of management practice or findings of future research

The researchers can conduct future research in the same field to evaluate the performance of students who are filly bilingual in both English and Japanese language.

Strengths and weaknesses of the selected article


The strengths of the article can be examined on the basis of its overall effectiveness. To perform this research, correlational analysis carried out by the author which examine possible association between proportion of produced evaluative language and language proficiency scores of students. The research paper is properly documented and structured which enhances its overall effectiveness.


It is quite difficult for readers to critically analyze the key findings of this conducted research due to unavailability of statistics. To enhance readability of research article, statistics should be included by the author, so that it will be easy for readers to understand research aim, findings, objectives and future scope.

Value of the article

The use of correlational analysis increases overall value of the article. It is the method of statistical evaluation used by the researcher to study the strength of a relationship between two continuous variables. The value of correlational coefficient can be either -1 or +1.

Types of correlational studies and data analysis

  1. Naturalistic observation
  2. Archival research
  3. Survey research
  4. Regression analysis
  5. Path analysis
  6. Canonical correlation analysis


In the end, it can be concluded that language structure influences the production/formation of evaluative sentences.

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