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Organisational Theory and Ethical Practices at Google

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Introduction or Company Overview

The main motive of this research or qualitative research is to focus on Google’s motivation strategies, Google was created by Larry page in the year of 1998 (, 2019). Initial Public Offering of Google had been done in the year of 2004 and Google headquarter is situated in Mountain View, California, United States of America. The mission and vision of Google has been achieved by the products like Google Drive, Gmail, Google AdWords, Android phones, YouTube and Google Maps (, 2019). A former structure in google has been maintained by the introduction of alphabet in google.

The structure of google is mainly depend up on three elements product based, Function based and flatness. Function based structure has been used by the officials of google in order to manage the issues related to primary jobs of employees within the Apple. The effective organization of employees according to their primary job can be done by the use of function based formal structuring at google (, 2019). Product based structure is also being followed at google in to resolve the issues related to product or project delivery on which a specific team has been working within the organization. The structure or the hierarchy followed at google is flat which describes that lower management can interact easily or directly with higher authorities of google.

The worker or the employees working in the organization are allowed to talk with the members of other team directly which foster the factor of flatness among the structure or hierarchy followed in google. The members of various team working in different are allowed to talk directly without the involvement of formal channel (, 2019). This research is mainly focused about analyzing the organizational theory or motivational theories used at google to motivate their employees who are working for the successful delivery of products projects. Along with this, this research has analyzed the ethical practices implemented by the Google for wellbeing self-motivated employees working at google.

For this purpose, a subjective or qualitative research methodology has been designed in this research that comprises of evidence based analysis. Inductive research methodology has been proposed or framed in this research in order to assess or explore the issues related to motivational or organizational theories followed in this research.

Research methodology

Qualitative methodology and evidence based analysis has been framed or designed in this research to explore the motivational theories that are being followed in Google in order to motivate the number of employees who are working for the successful completion of product or project. Along with this subjective analysis of ethical practices and ethical issues followed in google or by the higher authorities of Google are also included in this subjective or qualitative analysis. Explanatory research approach is used in this analysis in order to conduct a deep analysis of secondary resources that are included in this research. In this research methodology the deep analysis of secondary resources (official reports and news articles) available online in concern of Google incorporation. The secondary resources like journal available online in concern of organizational theory are also used as evidence in concern of this qualitative research.

Organisational Theory Utilized Including and Alternative Theories

1. Intrinsic motivational theory: There are a number of theories that can be used to explain the intrinsic motivation along with its working. According to Intrinsic motivational theory the activity itself is reward and this theory is powered by the basic needs of people and hunger, thirst and sex are the biological needs which are the required to live a healthy lifestyle and the psychological needs of the employees can also be satisfied by the use of this theory (Finkelstien, 2009). The issues related to competency, relatedness and autonomy in the organization can also be handled effectively by the use of Intrinsic motivational theory.

The internal rewards are more effective as compared to the external rewards and internal rewards related metal psychology can be provided under intrinsic motivation theory. Participation in sport activities is defined as Intrinsic motivational theory because the issues related to mental stress can be handled effectively by the use of this strategy in the organization (Alphabet Investor Relations, 2019). Learning a new language is also an Intrinsic motivational theory because the communication skills and personality development of employees can be ensured by the implementation of this strategy in the organization. Spending time with other team member is also an Intrinsic motivation strategy that can be helpful for improving the social circle of employee (Google’s Culture Czar., 2019).

2. Extrinsic motivational theory: Extrinsic motivation is defined as the behavior of the employee or the team member which is fostered by the implementation of rewards like grades, money, fame and praise (Underhill, 2016). This type of motivation can be fostered by higher authority in order to improve the overall productivity of employees and this strategy is opposite to the intrinsic motivation theory because it focused on physical benefits etc (Małota, 2017).

Google Employee Motivation and Intrinsic Motivation Theory

The cause of motivation in case of both the theories is different and intrinsic motivation can be fostered by the implementation of strategies or activities like games, sports and cultural activities but extrinsic motivation can be fostered by providing extra benefits and fringe benefits to the employees of the organization. Google uses the number of theories for managing the functionalities in the organization and it is the management skill for motivating the number of employees and the number of employees at google has been motivated by implementing the strategies that lead to intrinsic motivation.

The psychological and physical requirements of employees can be satisfied by the implementation of intrinsic motivation theory and the needs of employees can be satisfied easily with the implementation of intrinsic motivation theory implementation at google. According to this theory the number of employees working for the completion of product are self-motivated and the requirements of employees can be addressed easily with the implementation of this approach or motivational theory. The higher authority of google believes that rewards or incentives are not enough individually to satisfy the requirements and needs of the employees working in the organization. The employees working in google for a common purpose are self-motivated and the number of benefits that leads to intrinsic motivation has been provided by the higher authority of google to its employees working in different teams for different projects and products.

Role of ethics and ethical practices

Google code of conduct is the effective way to put the values of google into practice and this will help to ensure that the activities performed or implemented by Google should be or will be measured against the highest possible standards related to ethical business conduct. Google is committed to the highest standards that will to hire the great talent in the organization and build great [products by delivering the quality of services to its users (Finkelstien, 2009). The higher authorities of Google have implemented the strategies to foster the motivation among the number of employees and it is the foundation to the success of Google.

The management of google follows the code of conduct to create a healthy work culture for its employees working for a specific project. The value into work culture can be fostered by the implementation and following the code of conduct. ("A Review of “The Google Way: How One Company Is Revolutionizing Management as We Know It”", 2019) The management of Google prohibited the retaliation against the number of workers who are working at Google who participates in any kind of investigation related to possible violation of Google’s code of ethics, policies or the laws. The work environment of google is supportive as the work of all the employees supported by the higher authority and managerial of Google. The work culture of Google is very supportive and unbiased related to the work of employees who are working for common purpose.

The opportunity of employees is based on the merits of individuals and qualifications of individuals which is directly proportional to professional competencies (Google’s Culture Czar., 2019). Google has strictly prohibited the harassment or un lawful discrimination on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, veteran status, status, sex, gender identity or expression, marital status, ancestry, pregnancy, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, medical condition, or any other characteristics protected by law. This organization has also make all reasonable accommodations for meeting its obligations are under the law of protecting the rights of disabled employees. Google has prohibited the bullying discrimination and harassment and implemented the strategies or Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (, 2019).

A discussion of the role and legitimacy of the management function and how it is impacted by politics and the social environment;

Google is committed to provide violence free work environment to the number of employees and have implemented the strategy related to zero tolerance for violence at any level of organization and the management of google prohibited the use of weapons at Google in case of any type of violence the employees of this organization can contact google security (Alphabet Investor Relations, 2019). The social environment at google is very work friendly because the higher authority of google or management of google have implemented the strategies related to improvement of social environment, according to the policies of google avoid accepting the employment or board seat, advisory positions and business partners with Google competitors because it harm the google. The google board members and the employees who are working for the organization should also notify the compliance and ethics related to work culture of the organization.

The issues related to competing loyalties  cause to pursue the personal benefits for the number of individuals who are working in the organization (Alphabet Investor Relations, 2019). The issues related to the management of work culture has been handled effectively at google with the implementation of flat communication strategies between the number of hierarchies at Google. The coordination between the team members is flat and the work  done by the employees has proliferated by the management or managerial of google. The conflict related to interest can also be managed effectively by the involvement of managerial working for the organization. The political forces has deep impact on business of google and the management play an important role for managing the issues related to political forces at google.

The social environment of google can be managed effectively by avoiding the participation of external resources while making an effective decision in the organization.  it is the main role of various leaders to take and make effective decisions at google that ensure the success of this organization and the issues related to conflict can be resolved by the use of effective decision in the organization (, 2019). The romantic relationship between the employees or the co-workers is purely depend up on work role assigned to employee, there must be a balance between the personal and professional life of employees working in the organization.

It is the main responsibility of higher authority to impose the strategies that will help to prevent the privacy of employees working in the organization for a common purpose. the romantic relationship between the employees can affect the privacy of the department, therefore in such cases the management and authority play crucial role for managing the issues related to personal and professional life of employees working in the organization (, 2019).  The work arrangements can be changed according to the requirements and termination of employee can be helpful in order to resolve the conflict between co-workers having the romantic relationships.  The main role of management is to preserve the privacy of all the departments of Google if there is any kind of conflict exists which can harm the organization and then it is the responsibility of higher authority to take decisions so that conflicts related to management of team can be resolved (, 2019).

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