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IAAS or Infrastructure as a service is helpful in describing a relationship between the organisations and the service providers where the responsibilities of IT infrastructure are handed over to the service providers by the organizations. In case of IaaS, a third party provider is handed over with the responsibilities for maintaining infrastructural elements so that storage services, processing power for the software applications can be boosted. Other services provided by IaaS to organisations include detailed billing, security; log accessing, load balancing, storage resiliency and clustering. Cloud providers can provide these services with the help of their distributed data centres. IaaS is also a form of computing which helps in providing a virtualised computing environment and resources over the internet. IaaS is one of the services of cloud computing in addition to the SaaS and PaaS. The customers of IaaS are allowed to access the resources as well as services with the help of wide area networks like the internet. For instance, you can log into the IaaS platform for creating virtual machines and installing OS in Virtual machines, deploying the middleware and also for installing the enterprise workload into Virtual machines. Organizations most often choose this model IaaS as it offers an easier, faster as well as a more cost-efficient mechanism for operating the workload without actually buying, managing and supporting the underlying infrastructure. With the help of IaaS, the business can rent easily or lease infrastructure for another business. IaaS is an effective model for temporary workloads. For instance, if your business is developing a new software product, it will be more cost effective to host as well as test the software application with the help of IaaS provider. Once the testing for the new software is completed, it can be removed from the IaaS environment and can be put for in-house deployment. When a business cannot use any third party providers, there are options for building a private cloud on premises so that better control and scalability can be offered to the enterprises.

Move to IaaS model

Because of the reason that migration to IaaS can leverage several advantages, it is one of the natural evolutions of several organisations. Various organisations are focusing towards hosting their infrastructures in the cloud, and this is something that can help them in focusing more on their staff as well as business priorities, increasing agility and reduced capital expenses. Most organisations like reducing their IT infrastructure complexity and scaling their IT capabilities for accommodating their changing business requirements. Most of the organisations lack in highly skilled IT workforce for keeping the environment running without failure. For addressing these concerns, businesses are considering cloud hosting options. Azure IaaS environment helps in providing low-cost infrastructure. It is made available based on the demands and provisioned for handling the needs of the infrastructure. It is also one of the categories that you often talk about during consideration of a strict public cloud migration. Major players such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon web services are there in this tier. You can extend your data centre infrastructure with unlimited scalability while retaining the freedom to use any software. Migration of applications or infrastructures to IaaS mainly involves deployment of the application on the servers of the cloud service providers. Initial step related to this is to decide migration to IaaS model for determining whether there is compatibility between the cloud-based server hardware, OS and present server hardware, OD. For instance, if an application is made to run on the x86 server, it is possible for the cloud servers to implement x86 instructions. Some of the important criteria that must be considered during migration to IaaS include the following things:


For IaaS deployment, you are required to have SLA for server, network and storage infrastructure’s availability and performance. The user of cloud must also receive information regarding the maintenance as well as management procedures for different infrastructures and how its potential downtime is being handled.

Data portability

During the IaaS deployment, the application may be using database servers that are also deployed in the cloud. In such cases, the cloud service providers must provide mechanisms for replicating or migrating the blocks or file storage being used in the database servers.
Long-term costs

User management

There are mainly three user roles namely server administrators, application administrator and an application user there are present in the IaaS model.

Difference between locally hosted infrastructure and IaaS hosted infrastructures

Whenever it comes to hosting the infrastructure or your digital signage software packages, there are always two options that are available for you and those options are namely the local hosting and cloud-based hosting. Some of the applications are only based on a cloud while others require the presence of locally hosted servers.

Cloud hosting

It refers to server applications which are hosted by the third party network infrastructure. An internet connection is required for establishing communication with the service model. One of the major advantages associated with this is little infrastructure requirement from client’s side, and the scalability features of the cloud-hosted solutions are probably one of the strongest differentiation between the two options. The setup, configuration costs, maintenance as well as upfront costs can be substantially reduced with the help of this.

Local hosting

It mainly refers to the scenarios where the applications and resources are hosted on Local area networks. It also ensures that the network remains within the administrator’s control. Major advantages for the locally hosted infrastructures include network presence behind the corporate firewall’s and its higher security. Additional maintenance of the IT infrastructure and higher amount of time required for maintaining and troubleshooting the network issues are the key disadvantages related to locally hosted infrastructures.

Critical points consideration for migrating from local hosted infrastructure to IaaS service provider

  • Complexity of application design

The first and the foremost requirement for migrating to IaaS includes following a distributed architecture for scalable design. For this, several tools can be helpful for assessing cloud-readiness of applications.

  • Application database

It is one of the most critical parts of any application as customers most of the times invest greatly on database servers. You might think of leveraging your investments when possible. Moreover, complexity and sensitivity of the data must never be ignored. It should always be made sure that the methods used for migration are highly reliable.

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