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Overview of Cinema Hall Case Study

Home Assignment Answers Overview of Cinema Hall Case Study

The owner of local Cinema hall wants to enhance the effectiveness of cinema hall booking services with the development of tablet based application. Presently, desktop application has been used by the Cinema hall which restricts the employees to serve all customers at any location. To provide better customer services, the owner has decided to develop an online application that will be used by customers to book their seats. This application will allow customers to book their seats instantly just before the film begin. The online cinema hall booking system will show the seating arrangement row by row along with appropriate seat number. It will also show the details of vacant seats. The customers can select multiple seats or single seat at a time via this online application.

The customers can pay through debit or credit card, once the booking will be confirmed by the staff. The customer will be issued with a ticket and receipt after the booking confirmation. If customers lost their tickets, then they can contact to the staff members to print their tickets again. The staff members will search and print their tickets by entering customer details, movie name, time and date. The Cinema Hall is providing offers to their regular customers, so they will have to register themselves in the system by entering name, contact details, address etc. to receive notifications time to time about latest, seasonal or special offers. The owner of Cinema Hall expects to provide effective online application with easy navigation to increase customer satisfaction. Before deploying this application, the owner would evaluate its usability with the help of UI experts.

Interface designs for the Cinema Hall Application tablet display

Balasamiq Mockups Wireframes tool has been used to design User interface for the Cinema Hall Application Tablet display. It is a graphical user interface mockup builder application.

Design concepts

The software development team of the Cinema Hall Application Tablet display should focus on all key requirements of the owner, staff members and customers while designing the online application. Below listed design concepts of User interface should be focused by the software development team when designing UI for the online application.

1. Keep User Interface simple – The UI of Cinema Hall application should be simple so that it would be easy for staff members and customers to understand its functionality. All elements of User interface such as text, buttons, menu bar etc. should be properly visible to the end users. The software development team should not add unnecessary elements in the UI to reduce its overall complexity.
2. Use color and texture strategically – For attracting customers towards the services of the Cinema Hall, an appropriate color and texture should be used while designing user interface of proposed online application.
3. Use common elements – End users will feel more comfortable if common elements will be used in the user interface of Cinema booking software application.

The above listed design concepts should be used to analyze the design specifications and effectiveness of designed balasamiq mockups of online Cinema Booking application.

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