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In this assessment, an argumentative essay has been written on the selected topic. The consensus approaches have been used to identify effective coherent arguments which increases overall quality of the argumentative essay.

We should have performance pay for teachers

The performance pay for teachers creates a culture of isolation and fear in educational institutions. Many countries like India, Kenya, England and Israel have bene implemented performance pay models to raise accountability and quality of teachers.

Business organizations have a quota for women on corporate boards

Presently, there are fewer C-level female executives and fewer women on corporate boards in companies, but it does not mean that women are underrepresented. Conducted CNET study stated that 23% of the women hold leadership positions in famous companies like Microsoft, Apple etc. Hence, gender quota does not require for women on corporate boards.

The advertising gambling should be banned in Australia

Advertising gambling refers to promotion of gambling by bookmakers, lotteries or casinos which allow people to make bets. Australia should ban the advertising gambling because it has negative impact on children.

A low minimum wage creates more employment

A minimum wage is the lowest remuneration which managers pay their employees. Minimum wage law has positive impact on employment because it increases the standard of living of workers, boosts morale, reduces inequality and reduces poverty.

Australia should continuously encourage migration in today’s world

Australian government need to encourage migration to improve its economic level. Hardworking and young migrants with rich and diverse cultural background contribute in the economic growth of Australia.

Vitamin and mineral supplements do more harm than good

As per the conducted recent survey, it has been found that 29% of the Australian have been taken only one dietary supplement. They have to realize the importance of minerals and vitamin supplements in the prevention of premature death, stroke and heart diseases.

Countries should protect their economy with tariffs

Tariff increases the price of imported products (goods), increase the cost to importers and lowers the overall quantity of goods imported. Countries should enforce tariffs (tax on imports) to restrict imports on foreign services and goods.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices should be mandatory for all Australian organizations

Australia should become a republic

Australia should become a republic to enjoy benefits related to the economy and business. It is a right time for Australia to become a republic.

Compulsory voting should be abolished in Australia

Compulsory voting forces voters to vote for a candidate that they do not like. In Australia, most of the voters are ill-informed and uninterested towards the elections.

Organizations should undertake action to reduce their gender pay gap

Gender pay gap is also known as “gender wage gap”. It is the difference between women’s and men’s pay. There are various factors which affect gender pay gap at workplace such as discrimination in the workplace, gender roles, gender traditions, undervaluing of women’s skills etc.

Managing climate/environmental risks should be a part of all organizational policies

In the current scenario, it is essential for companies to develop plans and systems to address climate/environmental management policies particularly compliance with agreements and regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate corporate reputational damages.

Corporate social responsibility practices should be mandatory for all Australian organizations

For all Australian organization, CSR practices are mandatory to promote intra and inter organizational relationships.

Instructions to write an argumentative essay

The arguments should be included in the essay from both the negative and affirmative side. The quality of argumentative essay will be evaluated on the basis of creativity and presentations of arguments. To address business problems and issues, students need to critically analyze and synthesize problems, complex information, theories and concepts to write quality argumentative essay. They should apply creative decision making approaches while identifying arguments.

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