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Principles of Cybersecurity and Cyber Warfare

Home Assignment Answers Principles of Cybersecurity and Cyber Warfare

The assessment is about the essay topic writing and used to describe the process followed by the real pirates for teaching the cybersecurity defense. In the second task, the three machines have been deployed namely as Ubuntu 16, Kali Linux and the Metasploit tool. The Metasploit tool is used and Armitage the kali machine for finding a successful exploitable. Furthermore, the next task includes configuration of Samhain along with host IPS protection on the Ubuntu 16 tool. Similarly, for blocking the UDP traffic on the Ubuntu 17, used the pFsense tool. The overall project report is divided into 5 tasks. The description of each tool and technology used for installing required documentation: -

Virtual Box – Virtual box is installed, and configured the three required machines named as Ubuntu 16, Metasploit, and the Kali Linux. The major benefit of using the virtual box is that it allows multiple supportable environment through which any number of operating system can be configured.

Ubuntu 16: - The Ubuntu 16 is an operating system, which is secured and allows the user to configure different servers.

Kali Linux: - The Kali Linux is a also a Ubuntu based operating system that is mainly used for exploiting the machine or used to analyze the machine.

Metasploit: - The Metasploit tool is a command line-based interface through which the scanning is performed to find the exploitable items connected within the network.

Following are list of commands that needs to be configured over the different operating systems on virtual box: -
Linux Commands: -

  • Sudo command is used to give a administrator privilege while running the installation.
  • Nano command is used to edit the text, and can be used to view the files details.
  • Ifconfig command is used to view the addressing by displaying on the screen.
  • Ls- l command is used to list all files on the screen.

The commands that need to configure over the Kali OS: -

  • Ifconfig: - This command is used to view the IP address that are assigned to system.
  • /etc/network/interfaces: - With this command, the configuration of static IP addressing can be done for the machine.
  • Ifup eth0: - This command used to link the state of ethernet up so that IP address will get saved for the machine.

The command needs to execute on the Metasploit tool are: -
The commands like msfb init, msfdb start etc. are used to starting the Metasploit tool. The help command will provide the different types of commands that are executable on the machine. Furthermore, the scanner commands are also available through which the vulnerabilities present on any machine can be viewed. The show command available on machine will display various available options which further will help to find the vulnerabilities. Some commands are also available through which ports of specific protocols like TCP or UDP etc. can be also identified. With the back option, the results can be reviewed back. The search FTP option can be used to search for file transfer protocols option present on the machine.

Another module is SAMHAIN that requires by the student to run in this practical assessment. The commands like reminder will be used i.e. used to configure network interface that helps in accessing the internet.
In the assessment, different types of operating system i.e. Kali Linux, Ubuntu 16 etc. has been configured with the help of Virtual box. In the assessment, the commands are executed to view the address. With the help of virtual box, the three types of operating system can be easily implemented over the machine.

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