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Project Charter: Virtucon and Globex scenario

Home Assignment Answers Project Charter: Virtucon and Globex scenario

1. Part-One

1.1  Report overview

This report is about developing a plan that how the initiated project will complete with collaborative team efforts within defined time and budget limits. This plan will help all team members who are working on this project to manage this project without any issue.

1.2    Team charter

1.2.1  Skills and knowledge inventory

A project’s success can only be assured if it is completed with excellent team work. All team members who are selected to work on this project must have good communication skills, critical thinking skills, teamwork skills, and good programming knowledge and knowledge to handle team conflicts etc.

1.2.2   Roles and Responsibilities

The role of this project’s team members will include- project manager, project analyst, project database manager, project quality analyst, project designer and developer. They are responsible to complete their tasks within defined time and budget limits. Moreover, they are also responsible to complete this project within given deadlines.

1.2.3    Team Communications

Team will communicate through weekly or monthly meetings. In each of this meeting, brief discussion will be made on the ways to deliver the project as soon as possible.

1.2.4     Meeting time and location

The time and location of the meetings will be finalized as per the preferences of all team members. This will help in maintaining positive work attitude in them.

1.2.5      Ways how team will communicate

The team will communicate in both online as well as offline manner. The communication mode will completely depend on the situations and circumstances occurred while working on this project.

1.3     Team Rules and Expectations

1.3.1      Team values

  • To obey project manager’s decision
  • To respect the decision of each team members
  • To create a positive work environment

1.3.2      Code of ethics

  • Be honest towards delivery of unique and original project.
  • Do not demotivate any team members as per ethics of professionalism

1.3.3      Rules and expectations

All team members have to show their presence in each meeting scheduled by higher authority and it is expected that all of them will follow this rule made by the team leader or project manager.  

2. Part- two

  • Organizer: Project manager
  • Scribe: Project designer
  • Meeting outcome: Project manager will schedule this meeting for his team. At the end of this meeting, the project designers will get to know about actual scope of the project.

3. Part- three

3.1     Communication plan

Communication plan is necessary for every team that works on large scale project because it help in delivery the quality project within defined time period without compromising with project quality. This plan will include details regarding involved participants, meeting day and time, mode of meeting, meeting objective, and storage media to record & store the discussion of the meeting.

4. Part- Four

4.1     Leadership qualities

Leadership quality must be present in each team member so that they can better identify the issues or faults made by them and overcome all of them in best possible manner. According to my point of view, a good leader should have good teamwork and communication skills so that he can better listen to the issues facing by his team members and taken required actions on them.

4.2     Necessary techniques, skills, methods for an ICT project manager

An ICT project must have good knowledge about different technique to plan a project, good communication and team management skill, and the way to handle team conflicts. According to my point of view, an ICT project manager must have good technical knowledge, knowledge about different programming language and moreover, he must have good control over his emotions.

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