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Project Proposal and Plan Security Framework for IOT

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Project Proposal and Plan Security Framework for IOT


IOT refers to the connection of different devices to the internet. Due to this connectivity of internet, there are also some possibilities of causing security issues. In order to eliminate these security issues, there is a requirement of deployed best security controls. Through this report, the proposal and plan for the research in IOT is given. A framework is proposed through this research that will be useful to provide proper security to entire IOT infrastructure and data related to it.


Problem domain

It has been evaluated that the IOT technology lots of benefits to people in context of efficiency, speed, performance etc. Along with all these benefits, some problems with utilization of IOT are also raised. Some of the major issues related to IOT involve:

  1. Management of IOT devices
  2. Security of IOT data and information
  3. Lack of updates
  4. Data Breaches
  5. Compliant data storage
  6. DDoS attacks
  7. Sensitive data storage
  8. Cloud Attacks

Purpose and Justification

The main purpose of this research report is to introduce a new security framework in order to control all types of security issues faced by IOT users in these days. There are number of security issues raised with IOT technology and these security issues mainly involve DDoS attacks, hacking, hijacking, malicious attacks etc.

By introducing new framework, it will become easy to handle all the security issues in more appropriate manner. With the deployment of new security framework, it can become easy to protect all the IOT devices as well as data stored in them accurately.

Supervisor Approval

  • Supervisor suggested to select IOT technology for my research project.
  • Supervisor suggested to perform comparative analysis between proposed framework and existing frameworks in order to check the appropriateness.

Research Questions

  1. How to control security problems over IOT devices?
  2. What are the useful techniques for the protection of IOT data from different security attacks?

Theoretical Framework

In order to provide high-level of security to all overall IOT infrastructure, there is a requirement to deploy effective security measures. Through this research project, a biometric based security framework is proposed that can help to provide the security to IOT devices as well as data stored in them. It will be considered as very useful for enhancing the efficiency of technology appropriately.


Analysis of sources of information

In this section, the analysis regarding all the sources used for the collection of information regarding the research is done. References regarding all the used sources are given in this section in style of APA referencing along with endnotes.

Research method

Research methodology is a process utilized to gather data and information for making better decisions for the research. In particular research, the quantitative research method is selected. With the use of this methodology, data for this research is collected. For the collection of data, different techniques are used such as survey, interviews etc.

Data Collection

For this research, a large amount of data is collected from different sources.  This collected is then analyzed for evaluating the essential and required data for this research. Along with this, different journals and research papers are reviewed for gathering the data for this research appropriately.

Ethical issues

  • It should avoid copying data from any source.
  • The confidentiality of overall research and evert individual associated to it must be maintained in proper manner.
  • Every individual must perform every task in the project with honesty.

Compliance requirements

Various compliance requirement for research project are as follows:

  • It must follow all the rules and regulations for the research, which is considered as necessary to make the research project successful.
  • All the used sources must be cited in proper manner.

Project Plan

Project deliverables

Various deliverables of this research project are:

  • Security framework for IOT infrastructure
  • Schedule of the research
  • Power point slides for whole research
  • Annotated bibliography of various journals and research papers
  • Work breakdown structure


WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) is an important project deliverable which organizes the work of research team into different manageable sections. With the help of this, it is easy to develop project budget and schedule by allocating the cost and time in appropriate manner.

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart is a tool which is commonly used for tracking the schedule of the complete research project appropriately.

Risk analysis

Risk analysis is basically a review about different risks related to any particular action or event. It is very useful to identify various risks that can be raised in this research along with their impact and mitigation measures as given below:

S. NO.


Impact Level

Mitigation measures


Inaccurate use of resources


Guidance from professionals must be taken


Lack of skills


Enhance the skills


Insider threat


Use authentication techniques

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