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Project Vision Document- New Access System

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Project Vision Document- New Access System

Introduction to the New Access System

The report is about the New Access System which is an initiative taken by Headspace organization for providing an online health support services to the patients suffering from the mental problem. The implementation of the new access system would help the youth of 17-25 with a support for their day to day life stress. The system would be capable of recording the patient’s data at the initial stages that could be transferred to other health practitioners. The following report would outline the current problems that are being faced by the patients, the capabilities and benefits after the deployment of the New Access system.


The patients who are suffering from the mental illnesses often requires the visit of the doctors more than once and might switch between their doctors. Thus, the patients might face difficulties in repeating their story again and again. When visiting the health practitioner for the first time, the patient has to describe every mental problem and their story in detail. There might occur the possibility that the patients could not get the satisfaction with the treatment of the first doctor, thus, when he needs to visit another doctor, the patient has to again repeat his story and he might get frustrated. Thus, this could make the condition of the patients even worse. The current system that is being run in Headspace is all manual that could lead to the management or the administration overhead. Moreover, it could lead to the loss of patient’s data due to manual and traditional file processing system being run. The sharing of the information among the doctors or other medical expert is also a challenging task. Lack of proper database system for storing of the patient’s current and the past information as everything is managed through manual files could lead to the requirement of time and efforts. Moreover, the manual records are vulnerable to the information leakage as well misconduct could occur to the confidential information of the patients.


The proposed New Access system has numerous capabilities that could provide the patients with an easy of using the system and their associated functionalities. Following are some of the capabilities that are possesses by this New Access system:

  • One of the main capability of the new access system is recording feature that would be embedded in the system. The recording of the patient’s stories would be done that would allow the patients with an opportunity to present that recording to the new healthcare practitioner rather than explaining them the stories again and again.
  • The technology of cloud that would be implemented in the system would help the healthcare practitioners to access the information of patients from anywhere and anytime using any of the digital device. This would allow the patients to provide other doctors or the healthcare practitioners to have access to the patient’s records.
  • Another capability of the New Access system is the implementation of the data base system that could be managed in a way providing sufficient capability of storing the patient’s and recorded stories regarding their health issues.
  • Another capability of the New Access system is the fast processing. Due to faster processing of the patient’s information, the medical records and history of the patients could be retrieved at any time.
  • Other capability of the new access system is the data segregation. The stored data in the system would be segregated in a manner based on the patient’s demographics like age, gender, location and the type of the disease that is patient is suffering from. This capability of the new access system could help the medical practitioners in analyzing the records of the system.


The main benefits that the organization would get after the deployment of the new access system include:

  • One of the main benefit after the implementation of the system is to the patients that is the patients could get a platform that would record their mental health issue stories that could be shared with the doctor to whom the patient is willing to visit.
  • There could be seen complete improvement in the medical treatment of the patients along with the organizational benefits could be increased. The healthcare practitioners that are associated with the headspace organization would get easy access to the accurate information of the patients.
  • Another benefit that could be gained by the organization after the system implementation is the effective management of the patient’s information that could prevent the information from being stolen or lost.
  • Moreover, the management of the organization would get the benefit in terms of better decision making as the healthcare professionals could easy get the past medical records of the patients.
  • The operations and the service provision of the organization could be increased and could help in saving of time and efforts of the employees.

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