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Regulations of Nanotechnology in the USA And Europe

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Regulations of Nanotechnology in the USA And Europe

The technology, nanotechnology has a substantial number of challenging diseases and growth in the energy demand and the related issues. The main concern is safety and the technology raise these challenges. But we have some regulatory bodies in the world which address these issues. The advanced skills and the abilities of the features of the new technology help in the creation of the new products. These are the significant applications of nanotechnology and they are also tested for discovering the significant impact on the safety of the products.

The products which are used in nanotechnology are different from the products made conventionally. The difference leads to efficiency of the regulated products used in the technology for the distinctive qualities of the nanomaterials in a particular case. The legal standards are used for judging the products under nanotechnology, only the products under the recent purview are regulated by the regulatory agencies.

USA Regulations

Food and Drug Administration of USA is the body which regulates the applications of this technology. The reason behind the selection of this body are the safety issues involved in the personal consumer products and medicines. FDA has supported the use of the technology in the innovation of new products but along with this, it has said that establishment of the clear regulatory guidelines in available science and existing practices. The technical evaluations of the technology, as said by the body will be specific to products after considering the nanomaterials effects on each product and its use. It is advised that the manufacturers of the technology should consult the agency before the development sequence for expediting a mutual knowledge of the regulatory and scientific issues for the products of nanotechnology. There was low risk in the use of the nanotechnology products during the time of additive food evaluation. The agency takes the regulatory actions and it continues nanotechnology products’ tracking after launching them in the market. All the legal guidelines should be met and their accountability is must for certain products.

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European Regulations of nanotechnology

EU had considered the legislation of nanomaterials as announced by Joint Research Centre. The outcome was the recognition of the necessary needs for safety evaluation and enhanced execution. The nanomaterials are covered under this regulation considering the requirements for labelling on the nanomaterials and safety assessment of the materials. The agency is still unable to recognize and describe nanomaterials especially at the times of incorporating them into the products. It is a significant task to perform because it helps in finding out whether the nano-specific rules can be applied there or not. Along with the evaluation of the hazard before authorizing for use, the agencies also need to confirm the compatibility of the test procedures and guidance with the nanomaterials. The nano-specifc tests are also developed in case the compatibility test fails.

The main focus, these days of the regulatory agencies is mitigating the effects of the nanomaterials on environment and health. They are also into the creation of a robust regulatory framework and they would be offering science-based and informed suggestions. The research has the main focus on the detection as well as characterization of the nanomaterials and for this there would be a development of the processes involved in attaining this feature.

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