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Relation between Job performance and Job Involvement

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Relation between Job performance and Job Involvement


This research aims to provide information and knowledge regarding Job Involvement and Job performance. In this report literature review of different research articles is done for analyzing the relationship between Job Performance and Job Involvement. Definitions of Job involvement and job performance are provided in this research report. Historical background on job involvement and job performance is explored along with theoretical viewpoints which discusses different ideological or theoretical assumptions. The research report also highlights the recent discoveries in context of job involvement and job performance. In this research, principal research questions are also formulated and in the end of this research, the conclusion of the entire research report is drawn along with the questions which can be addressed by the researchers in future.

According to (Zhang, 2013), Job performance refers to the total value using which job activities or tasks are performed by an individual in an organization. Working extended hours, physically demanding tasks, employee stress level, employee morale etc are some factors of job environment that creates significant impact on the job performance. (Lambert et al., 2016) defined that Job involvement refers to the psychological state in which an individual is preoccupied and concerned with one’s present job.

(Zhang, 2013) discussed that OCB or Organizational Citizenship Behaviour is considered as an area of ongoing research in which the behaviour of an individual is explicitly, discretionary not identified by proper reward systems. Moreover, ongoing research in this type of subject results in increased number of empirical and theoretical attentions in Organizational behaviour among various researchers. The researcher’s main purpose is to identify the causes of decisions made by employees for performing organizational citizenship behaviour.

Job Involvement refers to the main factor that helps in influencing the outcomes of an individual as well as organization. Several studies show that the major construct in the management and psychological field is Job Involvement which has attained more attention in the related work of various researchers. The research findings of various researchers revealed that the relationship between Job Involvement as well as Organizational Behaviour has received empirical attention. Moreover, it has been analyzed that various contributions are made by the researchers for identifying relationship between job performance and self-emotions of the employees, but significant efforts have not been made for identifying the relationship between the job Involvement as well as Job Performance.

Significant relationship between the Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and Job Involvement has been identified on the basis of external literature and theory. The research findings show that Job involvement is directly linked with the OCB (Organizational Citizenship Behaviour) (Lambert et al., 2016).

Moreover, it has been identified that Job Involvement is associated with the OCB significantly as compared to the Job Performance. Therefore, regression analysis is performed by (Uppal, 2017) in order to analyze the relation between the OCB, Job performance and job involvement. The results of this analysis reveals that Job Involvement not only effects the job performance of an individual but also improves the organizational commitment in indirect manner. In context to this, theoretical viewpoints states that organizational commitment helps in mediating the Job performance and job involvement significantly. It has been analyzed that by promoting high level of job involvement among the employees of an organization, job performance of employees and organization can also be increased.

Recent discoveries have been made by certain researchers in context of Job performance and Job Involvement and identified the relationship between the job-in-role performance and job involvement. (Lambert et al., 2016) states that various studies have made various attempts to discover the positive relationship between the job performance and job involvement but remains unsuccessful. Therefore, (Lambert et al., 2016) presented an empirical study and analyzed that job involvement has the potential to predict both in-role performance and Job Involvement. Moreover, higher job involvement results in more positive behavior and attitude such as reduced employee turnover as well as enhanced organizational behavior. The results of empirical study reveals that Job Involvement is correlated with OCB (p<0.01) and in-role job performance (p<0.01 and r=0.30).

The relation between the social impact, social worth, intervening effects of work engagement and supervisorated job performance are identified (Castanheira, 2015. It is analyzed that Social impacts are directly associated with the job performance. When the employees are motivated to perform their job in efficient manner, then the involvement of such employees in performing these tasks or job is increased. Which in turn, also increases the job performance among all the employees of an organization.

Principal questions:

  • Does the relationship between the HWPS and Job Involvement is mediated by employee well-being?
  • Does the job performance is effected by employee motivation in an organization?

The research evidences prove that Job performance and Job involvement is highly influenced by employee well-being and if employee well-being in an organization is low, then the employee turnover in an organization might increase. Hence, for ensuring high job performance as well as job involvement, it is necessary to ensure employee well-being in an organization.


This research report’s main purpose is to identify the relationship between Job Performance and Job Involvement. This research report identifies that Job involvement is crucial aspect of OCB as it helps in influencing the quality of life an employee. Moreover, research findings of various researchers reveal that relationship between the Job Involvement and OCB has attained empirical attention. This research report concludes that there is a strong relationship between the Job Performance and Job Involvement.

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