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Review: Lean Construction LC

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Lean construction is the new management approach which has the capacity to make original and advanced changes in the construction industry. The principle of the lean construction mainly focuses on the development of new material with waste minimization that contributes to the sustainable construction as well as in enhancing the productivity of the construction related project. The present research will include the overview of the topic which is lean construction. After that the research aims to highlight the current practices in the selected topic along with the critical review. The research will provide the main benefits of the lean construction to the construction sectors and number of barriers in the adoption of the lean construction being faced by the construction sector. At last, the research will include the conclusion and recommendations for the further research.

1. The Research context

1.1. Overview of topic

The past few decades has witnessed with several performance improvement accomplishments in manufacturing to increased productivity. A central point of this accomplishment is known as lean construction. The prime purpose of the research is to analyze number of barriers in the implementation of lean construction principles in construction organizations and number of benefits associated with the lean construction (Erik Eriksson, 2010).

1.2.  Topic context

The selected topic of Lean construction is in the context with construction projects.

2. The critical Review

This section mainly covers critical of different literatures on the various opportunities related with the construction projects and lean construction, on the different barriers present in the adoption of lean construction and the main benefits of the lean construction for the construction sectors.

2.1. Current practice

The Construction management is considered as the major activity for the transactional contracts that defines as well as maintain the goals of sustainable construction. The collaboration between construction organizations can be controlled with the central plan that establish the sequences between starting and ending of activities. The current practices of the lean construction are helpful in enhancing the work quality, increasing the productivity as well as shortened the duration of the project (Jørgensen and Emmitt, 2008).

2.2. Benefits

There are various benefits of adopting the lean construction concept in the construction organization. the main benefits include that with the adoption of the lean construction, the construction project can reduce the overall construction waste along with high productivity and profit. Lean construction is mainly focusing on the management of smart work rather than the hard work as it includes the strategy plan for each and every construction strategy. Along with this, it provides the safety to the construction workers with smooth flow of construction activities.

2.3. Barriers in the adoption

Apart from the number of benefits associated with the lean construction, there are also various barriers in the lean construction being faced by the construction sectors. these include the management related barrier, barriers related to the resource, skills and knowledge, and barriers related to the logistics. These barriers are responsible for affecting the work productivity.

2.4. Research investigation

The investigation of the research shows that the construction sector is mainly lagging behind due to the reasons of low productivity, high cost, and insufficient quality. Along with this, the implementation of the lean principles in the construction sector enhances the productivity of the construction sector. Along with this, it is helpful in investigating the simultaneous product and process development processes. However, the implementation of the lean principles in the construction projects are responsible for making the overall project development more effective.

3. Conclusion and recommendation

From the overall report, it can be concluded that the principles of lean construction are considered as important in the overall development of the construction projects. In order to enhance the productivity of the construction projects, it is essential to adopt the principles of lean construction. the adoption of lean construction can also provide the various benefits to the construction organizations in terms of cost reduction, waste management, and higher productivity.

For future, it is recommended to include the appropriate research approach in order to pursue the research and to find appropriate results.

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