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Setup of Essential Services for Gt7

Home Assignment Answers Setup of Essential Services for Gt7

Required Tasks
There are number of tasks present which requires to be completed for getting a better result over the machine. In the first tasks, IP allocation and network topology designing will be performed. The network address i.e. 172.1x.yx.0/24 and 192.1x.yx.0/24 will be used to assigning IP address to Head office and Brisbane office. In the network topology, the fields like IP range, gateway address are must required to show for better understanding the details.

Essential services and tools used
There whole network configuration is divided into 3 tasks divided under different functions. Listed some of essential services and tools are discussed that are compulsory to cover during project implementation: -

• Virtual box: First of fall, student will require to install virtual box, which is capable of building a virtual environment for installing the different services. With the virtual box, the virtual environment can be provided by which two or more operating system can be developed. The student must ensure that the configured virtual box should have internet connectivity.

• Domain Name Server: A domain name server is added to services option through which name resolution of the IP address will be done as it is difficult for the user to memorize addressing schema of the web server. The domain name server will be configured with forward zone and backward zone having minimum of 5 entries. In the domain controller, there should be at least 5 different users having different group membership while accessing the server.

• Dynamic Host Control configuration server: Configuration of DHCP have been also done on both the server sites i.e. Brisbane and Gold coast through which IP addressing will be assigned dynamically to all the devices connected with the network. The DHCP binding is also performed so that it could work on the machines that are connected within the network. For the addressing purposes, internal and external addresses are provided as for Gold coast, use the following IP range 172.1x.yx.0/24 use Brisbane branch use the 192.1y.yx.0/24. Whereas the XY denotes last two digits of the student ID.

• Web Server: On the machine, a web server is also installed through which a website for the Gt7 organization is done. The web server will have a page on which the student name will be displayed or other option is also available for the student is that the email server with 5 users can be also implemented. Added users will be further tested to check the performances.
In final documentation, the discussion should be made on the purpose of using particular tools to support the working. Additionally, the project report will consist of screenshots of the commands that are either executed or screenshots of user interfaces will be provided that used to complete the assessment.

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