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Social Contract Theory | Technology

Define IT ethics?

Ethics have been considered as an in the world of business for several years. Ethical behaviour is expected of experts in almost all the companies and industries. IT (Information Technology) community is different from all other industries regarding profession, but the ethical standards are almost same for all the industries. Ethics are known as a necessary aspect of business in today’s era. Different ethical areas of IT industry involve privacy, property, accuracy and access. From all these things, it has been predicted that ethics play a vital role in the business to make it effective in all manners.

Importance of ethics in organization

Ethics are the values and principles and individual utilization to govern his decisions and activities. In the company, a code of ethics is a collection of different principles that assist the company in its policies, programs as well as decisions for the business. The philosophy of ethics the company utilizes to conduct the business can impact the productivity, bottom line as well as reputation of the business. The different ethical aspects of the company involve leadership ethics, employee ethics, etc. From all this information, it has been found that the ethics are very important for any organization and its business as well.

Need for ethical theories

We need different ethical theories for several aspects such as:

Ethical theories can assist in the analysis of moral issues including cyber-technology. You can also say that different ethical theories also guide in our investigation. Ethics can assist:

  • Detect several kinds of moral values as well as distinguish them from some other values.
  • Notice what types of moral values are at risk in different conditions.
  • Clarify the different reasons behind moral decisions and judgments.
  • Create some sense out of modifying as well as conflicting different moral values.
  • Understand the need for being ethical.

Different ethical theories

  • Virtue ethics
  • Utilitarianism Theory
  • Social Contract theory
  • Deontology Theory

Social Contract Theory

Social Contract Theory is defined as a political philosophy that queries the origins of the society as well as the legitimacy of the control of government over people. It is an old philosophy which is a view of moral of persons, and political obligations are reliant on the agreement or contract among them to produce the society in which people live. This specific theory says that people live together in society by a contract that establishes political and moral rules of people’s behaviour. Many people believe that if they live as per social contract than they can live morally by their own choice. One of the philosophers named as Stuart Rachels recommends that the morality is a collection of different rules governing behaviour that is accepted by the rational people.  Social contracts can be open to laws or implied like increasing one’s hand to speak.

Role of the social contract Theory

The main aim of this theory is to show the members of some society that have reason to support as well as comply with the fundamental social laws, rules, principles, and institutions of that particular society. The ultimate goal of theories related to the social contract is to show that different social rules such as political, legal, moral etc. can be justified rationally. The true uniqueness of social contract approach is that the justification doesn’t depend on some exogenous truth or reason.

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