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Digital forensic is basically a process utilized for analyzing, detecting, preserving and presenting the digital evidence that must be acceptable legally. Cybercrimes basically occurs when IT is used for concealing an offence. Some major types of crimes involve identity theft, computer security breach, homicide, suicide etc. In this given scenario, different cyber forensic laboratories are given with various programs and services to law enforcement agencies. The main purpose of this report is to make a design of Cyber Forensic Administrative Improvement Plan. This plan basically involves specific recommendations which would enhance the cyber forensic crime labs. The main findings of this given report will assist the investigators of cybercrime in order to improve the quality as well as performance of cybercrime forensic labs effectively. Through this report, some suggestions of Cyber Forensic Laboratories are also given.

Cyber Forensic Administrative Improvement Plan

The purpose of Forensic Administrative Improvement Plan is to improve the quality as well as performance of the services provided by Canadian cyber-crime forensic laboratories. These services basically involve data protection, system protection, email tracing, offensive content and accounts of social networking. In this section, cyber forensic administrative improvement plan is described which will assist Canadian cyber-crime forensic laboratories to improve the quality service provided by them to business organizations and people. With this improvement plan, some advanced systems and tools to teams of cyber forensic laboratories that will permit them to execute their roles and responsibilities effectively.

  1. Assess performance of existing cybercrime forensic laboratories

The exiting environment of cyber forensic laboratories is assessed as well as evaluated to examine their capabilities that whether they are capable to fulfill all the demands of cyber-crimes. Laboratories are using different types of hardware, software and other equipment. There are some tools utilized for password cracking as well as analysis regarding digital evidences and the tools mainly involve Autopsy, GetDataBack, Hashcat, Raptor etc. These all the tools are not appropriate to deal with cases related to cyber-crimes such as eavesdropping, data diddling, social media hack, online spams, hacking etc.

Equipment used by laboratories

  • Hardware devices: The hardware devices used by laboratories involve input devices (scanner, keyboard, mouse), output devices (CRT, graphic card, sound card), processing devices (Multiple Core Processor, Motherboard) and some other devices (Computers, laptops, breadboards, plamtops). Along with this, some other hardware devices involve Media reader, Cluster, forensic examiner workstation & server etc.
  • Software tools: Different software tools utilized by digital forensic labs involve Hashcat, Raptor, Mobile Field kit, operating systems, OSForensics, GetDataBack, EasyRecovery etc.
  • Data Transmission Cables: Different data transmission cables used by digital forensic laboratories involve HDMI 1,2,3 cables, custom serial cables, ethernet cables, USB cables etc.
  1. Requirement to enhance current cyber-crime forensic laboratories

The laboratories must utilize advance hardware and software tools for the investigation of current cases of cybercrimes in these days. The quality and performance of cyber forensic labs can be enhanced with the help of new improvement plan in an effective manner. This plan can help to create the new age and innovative forensic labs with the inclusion of advanced digital investigative devices.

  1. Involved Stakeholders

The main stakeholders that would be involved in implementation of new improvement plan are as follows:

  • Accountant
  • Data Analyst
  • Administrator
  • Police support staff
  • Video Analyst
  • Lab Manager
  • Health Officers
  • Security staff
  1. Improvement Plan

The improvement can be done in the laboratories on basis of inclusion about techniques, tools and different training programs. Some suggestions are mentioned below that can be considered by investigators for the enhancement of cyber forensic laboratories:

  1. Inclusion about advanced cyber forensic investigation tools

There are some advanced tools that can be used by cybercrime forensic labs for the enhancement of quality and performance. These tools and techniques are:

  • Digital Surveillance for Xbox (XFT Device)
  • TALINO KA-301 Forensic Workstation
  • EnCase Forensic 8.07
  • MemGator
  1. Improve security of cyber forensic labs

The security of cyber forensic labs must be enhanced with the utilization of effective techniques and methods. With the deployment of alarm system, the security of lab can be improved. Along with this, the cameras must be installed for monitoring the entry of every individual into the lab. Moreover, evidence lockers must be deployed in labs in order to avoid unauthorized access appropriately.

  1. Conduct training programs

The companies must conduct training programs/sessions at workplace in order to teach all the staff members about utilization of advanced tools and techniques in effective manner. Along with this, the companies must hire International Association of Computer Investigative professionals as a trainer for these training sessions to get better outcomes.

Measure success rate of deployment of improvement plan

The success rate of deployment of improvement plan can be measured on basis of accomplishment of all the activities along with results generated by them. The success rate will be measured on basis of different objectives such as:

  • To improve the quality and performance of services
  • Improve skills and knowledge of investigators
  • Enhance physical security about forensic laboratories
  • Monitor all the changes occurred at the time of plan implementation
  • Improve the business processes of laboratories


In this report, a new improvement plan is designed for enhancing the performance and quality of cyber forensic laboratories (Canadian Cyber Forensic Laboratories). Along with this, some recommendations are also provided, which involves various hardware and software tools. It is suggested that the companies must conduct training programs/sessions at workplace in order to provide knowledge to all the staff members about utilization of advanced tools and techniques in effective manner. Apart from this, list of stakeholders is also given that will be involved in the implementation of new improvement plan in cyber-crime forensic laboratories.

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