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Strategies for Selecting Cloud Model

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Cloud Services

Cloud computing provides three types of architectures or services to migrate to the cloud. These services are known as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service whereas PaaS stands for Platform as a Service and Software as a Service. These three types of services are used to build the cloud computing stack. These services are used to accomplish the business goals of any organisation.


IaaS is a type of cloud service to provide an online IT infrastructure for rent. It provides servers, virtual machines, networks, storage and operating systems. This infrastructure is known for quick and global scaling. The client needs to pay for the configuration is has been used and opted for. It has been cutting the cost of physical servers and data centres by providing online infrastructure for rent. The client can opt and pay for this cloud service if it needs. Cloud service provider is responsible for managing the infrastructure while the client purchase, install, configure and manage its operating system, middleware and any business application.

Services provided by IaaS

IaaS provides following services on cloud –

  1. Servers and storage
  2. Networking firewalls or security
  3. Data centres

Where it is applicable 

If any organisation wants to store and manage its business application on cloud-based infrastructure, then IaaS is the best cloud service to opt for.


PaaS is another type of cloud service used to provide an online environment for the application development, testing and management. It is designed to develop the applications quickly and easily. Clients do not need to worry about the setting and to manage the infrastructure required for the development because PaaS provides the infrastructure as well as a platform over the cloud.

Services provided by PaaS

PaaS provides following services on cloud –

  1. Servers and storage
  2. Networking firewalls or security
  3. Data centres
  4. Operating systems
  5. Development tools, DBMS and Business Analytics

Where it is applicable 

If any organisation wants to develop and manage its business application on a cloud platform, then PaaS is the best cloud service to opt for.


SaaS is also a type of cloud service which is used to deliver software applications over the internet. This cloud service provides a readymade hosted software application to the clients for handling their business activities. The users can simply access this cloud service with the web browser on their devices.

Services provided by SaaS

SaaS provides following services on cloud –

  1. Servers and storage
  2. Networking firewalls or security
  3. Data centres
  4. Operating systems
  5. Development tools, DBMS and Business Analytics
  6. Hosted applications

Where it is applicable 

If any organisation is looking for the ready-made solution to purchase and quick handle their services, then SaaS is the best cloud service to opt for.

Migration process to IaaS

If an organisation is looking for the online storage, servers, networking security and data centres then it would opt for IaaS. The process of migration includes the following step –

  • The building of Migration plan – In this initial step, the organisation needs to decide that what it wants to migrate to cloud infrastructure.
  • Choose the IaaS provider – After building the plan, the organisation needs to choose the vendor with good market position and high experience with the cloud IaaS services.
  • Choose the configuration and purchase the services – Then organisation should choose the configurations to be purchased from the vendor according to business requirements.
  • Security – Before migrating to the cloud, the organisation should deploy the security to its local infrastructure to prevent it from unauthorised access and all types of threats.
  • Migration – After choosing the configuration, the organisation should migrate its local infrastructure to the cloud infrastructure using migration tools provided by the vendor
  • Testing – After migration, the client should test that whether all the business activities and process are working well after the migration.

Critical points for migrating to IaaS

Following are some critical points need to consider for migrating local hosted infrastructure to an IaaS, service provider –

  • Use privileged access workstations - To prevent the infrastructure from all type of cyber-attacks, users must be used privileged access workstations. PAWs or privileged access workstations are used to provide a dedicated operating system for sensitive tasks to be protected from internet attacks. This separation of daily operations from sensitive tasks provide strong protection from the attacks and vulnerabilities like a phishing attack, OS vulnerability, impersonation attack and credential theft attacks.
  • Use multifactor authentication - Multi-factor authentication is used to safeguard data access and applications while meeting the user demand during a business process. It used to deliver the strong authentication with multiple verification options like a text message, phone call and notification on mobile. This type of authentication can be used for the sign into the virtual machines on IaaS.
  • Limiting the administrative access- Privileged Identity Management is the system used to manage, monitor and access control in the infrastructure of an organisation. It provides the awareness regarding actions of the individuals in an organisation. It is used to control and limit the provisions of the eligible admins of the organisation.
  • Encryption of Virtual disks and disk storage - The virtual disks should be used by any organisation with the encryption before any storage. This would protect the data from all type of theft and threats. It is used to control the unauthorised BitLocker in Windows is the type of encryption which is used to encrypt the data drives and operating system. Some IaaS cloud service provider like Azure provides the encryption keys to secure the infrastructure.
  • Management of Operating Systems - It is the responsibility of the client to manage its operating systems during deployment of IaaS. This would include the patching, hardening, right controlling and other activities related to the operating system. The tools like antivirus, patching, backup and antimalware are used to manage the operating systems during deployment of IaaS.
  • Monitoring - It is the responsibility of the client to manage its resources to identify security vulnerabilities. This would include the provisioning of malware to identify and remove the malicious software, network security groups to control traffic to VMs and deployment of missing updates.

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