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User Interface design for Cinema Hall Application

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Task overview

The task of this assignment is to develop an interactive user interface design for the Cinema Hall application. This design is prepared with the help of an impressive wireframe designing tool. In this report, the responsibilities of all team members regarding the designing and development of an impressive user interface was discussed along with the factors that helps in stating the aspects that make a design perfect. Along with this, various other factors related with an impressive design are also discussed in the following report.

Team member responsibilities

All team members who work on the project of user interface designing should have good critical thinking ability so that they can successfully design an impressive and unique user interface design. Moreover, the team members are also responsible to cross check the functioning of the website and its layout for the target users. The colour combination of designed user interface should match with the theme of the application i.e. Cinema according to given case scenario. The team members can also start working on this interface design by taking a general review from the users or target audience of the application that what new they want in the application that they are not getting in offline services.

How to select best user interface design?

  • The best user interface design is selected on the basis of following listed factors i.e.
  • The designed user interface must be clear and concise so that it can easily attract large set of customers that is always the main goal of the organizations those comes up with an idea about business expansion through online applications.
  • The user interface must be responsive in nature so that the customer feels it easy to use and browse the application without any frustration issue.
  • The design of the user interface must provide the feature of consistency so that a customer using it a tablet or desktop get similar set of functionality without any issue regarding the orientation of screen size.
  • There should be good navigation between the web pages designed for the application so that the user feels it easy to switch between different webpages.
  • Moreover, the number of webpages must be limited so that the loading time of the application keeps in limit.
  • Each component placed in the web page should be right at its exact position and should be responsive in nature. The components of the website should be responsive so that the user get instant outcome whenever he/she click at any component of the application.


At the end, it is recommended to the team members that they should use different design principles and usability principles to design interactive user interface. Moreover, the team members should have good knowledge about trending colour combination and the best colour combination of different themes of the application. This will help them in creating an application that will help the organization in attracting maximum customer base and spreading their brand awareness. 

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