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Uses of Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing

It is defined as a computer paradigm which comprises of a large pool of interconnected systems in public as well as private networks for providing dynamic and scalable infrastructures for the application. “Cloud Computing” is one of the recent buzzwords in the IT industry. Behind this phrase is where the true meaning of future computing lies. Irrespective of the fact that the term cloud computing is one of the recent emerging fields, the idea of centralised systems, computation and storage is something that is not new to the market. Cloud computing simply aims at providing IT as service to its users. With the help of this, greater availability, flexibility, reliability as well as scalability will be offered to its users. Cloud is provided by the geographically distributed data centres. The organisation of these data centres done in the form of the grids and cloud is made on the top of these grids. The users of the cloud are provided with the virtual systems creating virtual images for the physical machines. There has been immense growth in the field of cloud computing, and it has also gained substantial attention form technical and business organisations.

Cloud computing use for daily operations of organisations

The cloud technologies permit both individuals as well as organisations to be highly efficient by enabling faster, cheaper, easier and a more cost-effective computing. Larger organisations become able to develop services for attaining higher customer satisfaction. Every organisation, as well as individual, are benefitted incorporating cloud computing into their regular operations.  Different business, governments and organizations make use of cloud computing for their daily operations. The utilisation of the cloud computing technologies varies based on the size of the organisation. Organizations make use of cloud computing for improving collaboration among team members, improving their security infrastructures and for upgrading and maintaining their resources.

Office automation

Systems used for office automation makes use of both the software and hardware solutions for providing ease of workload. It is one of the effective and simplest options for activating the software. The concept of office automation can be understood more easily based on a simple example of our emails. In your emails, you might have seen an option of “filter” that helps in sorting out your messages incoming into the inbox folder. These messages may have also been sent to the staffs that do not respond to such kind of messages. Automation systems can be a demand for such kind of situations. Some of the features of the office automation include the following things:

·        Reduction in workload

Installation of office automation systems helps in reduction of workload by handling the workload with much ease. Office automation concept is mainly known for its capability of lessening the workload.

·        Multitasking

Organizations require several types of customs for performing in their firms. An advantage of the office automation is that it can help in the easy handling of these customs. Office automation can be useful in several aspects from opening entrance gates of office to controlling the temperature at the workplace.

·        Boosts feasibility

The feasibility of organisations basically defined as its ability for making practical decisions. Any task in an organisation which is not feasible always remains under doubt. Office automation systems are helpful there in analysing the work confirmation. Inputs, as well as outputs, are required to be checked from time to time for making the work more acceptable. This is what that makes the evaluation easier at workplaces.

Office automation at workplace

Organizations engaged in the launch or upgrade of office automation systems are advised to consider various factors which can influence their effectiveness. Some of these factors include the budget, physical spaces and communication infrastructure change. Two of the other factors that must be considered during this is the employee training and proliferation of office automation choices.

·        Training

People who are involved in the office automation mainly include every user and providers associated with the office automation systems. Other users involved in using the automation systems includes the hardware and software engineers, executives, workers, secretaries and management information scientists.

·        Choice

An array of dizzying office automation alternatives is available for organisations of varying shapes, sizes and different subject areas. It typically involves sizable funds’ investments. Thus, it is often advised that managers, as well as business owners, must undertake careful course study before purchasing it.

Office automation services

·        Email

With the help of office automation, the data exchange can be made easier. Electronic transfer module associated with the office automation services helps in exchanging all kind of data within an organisation or to external parties involved. E-mail is one of the ways for establishing the communication. E-mail is a kind of software that permit users to communicate via providing input from user’s side. Mostly, the e-mail systems help in letting the user filter, prioritise as well a forward copy of messages to other users. E-mail is one of the popular means of communication as it offers cheaper and faster services.

·        Word processing

It mainly refers to creating, editing, formatting, storing and outputting the printed as well as online electronic documents. It is undoubtedly one of the best and the widely used business application of personal computers. Software for Word Processing includes applications which are majorly designed for casual businesses and home users. Essential functions of word processing include text inputs, manipulation, formatting and outputting the text.

·        Spreadsheets

Office automation can help in reducing the workload by offering less human intervention into the processing. Spreadsheets help in entering, compiling and storing bulky data that may be required in future. It also helps in workload reduction by keeping the office work in order.

Critical points for Cloud computing implementation

Two major critical things that must be considered before adopting cloud computing technologies are data security and compliance issues which are associated with the cloud computing technologies.

·        Data security

Data security remains one of the biggest issues while opting the cloud computing technologies as you may not be comfortable storing your data in an off-site location. It is one of the valid concerns before you chose any cloud provider. For this, you may ask your provider about where your data has been stored and how it has been encrypted.

·        Compliance issues

The organization can follow anumber of laws and regulations like ACCC which can help them in controlling and protecting the data security.

How Is Cloud computing beneficial for organisations in daily operations?


The cloud technology is fastest growing emerging technology that allows the organisations to store huge amount of data on the remote server. Along with data storage facility, the cloud computing technology also provides other facilities to clients such as online resources for computational purposes. Online software and hardware facilities provided in cloud technology help the organisation to save lots of investment and facilitate organisations to use latest technologies for their organisational activities.

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