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ITC563 | Value of ICT | Information Technology

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ITC563 | Value of ICT | Information Technology

ICT stands for information and communication techniques which enables various services such as e-learning, e-commerce, e-communication etc. which encourage the digitisation and technology. It makes it important to expand the technical knowledge among the users so that the technology can also be encouraged. ICT tools and technologies are being embedded in various fields so that a wide range of services and applications can be acquired from the users. There are various uses and values of the ICT which are offered to the users and are outlined in the article.

Value of ICT in Education

  • IT tools are enabling students to acquire the learning, and distant courses through the ICT enabled devices and smart phones. The student is suffering from the hard financial condition and in need of earning their living by having a full time job can’t afford to attend schools/ colleges. With the implementation of e-learning using ICT enabled devices, they can seek their education without affecting their jobs and earn their livings as well. Distant courses and e-learning is the new and widely spreading trend as I offer value to the students of learning new things and make them capable of seeking their education in flexible timings.
  • The Internet is also an ICT enabled network which allows the student to surf various educational and academic sources to gain knowledge about various concepts. There are various quiz and innovative concepts available on the internet which makes the students identify their potential in the particular field and makes them curious about certain things and field so that they can have a successful career further.
  • ICT can enhance the knowledge and attitude of the students towards the learning environment. In traditional learning, teachers were held responsible for offering the adequate knowledge to the students, but now they have access to the large variety of knowledge and data and can also acquire innovative medium to gain academic knowledge.
  • Best thing offered by ICT is communication which enables the students with a communication medium so that they can contact to their superior at any time regarding their doubts kin the academic knowledge.
  • Digital classes are also a new concept in which internet enabled smart devices are used to offer real-time knowledge to the students. It creates an innovative learning environment with effective knowledge provision to the students as they affect the students as compared to the traditional learning system.

Value of ICT in Financial Blocks

  • Financial locks are known for depositing the money from consumers and other economic units which makes it confidential. With the implementation of ICT within a financial block, they are now capable of targeting the consumers globally. The service provision is boosted up with the embedding of ICT in the banking The transactions and operations are made even faster with the implementation ICT in the banking sector.
  • Banking is an ever evolving field but is slow in nature. With the implementation of ICT in the various banking operations such as transaction handling, transaction recording are made more flexible and efficient. Consumers make millions of transaction on a daily basis, but they don’t need to visit bank every time they need to make a transaction. Additionally, the recording and keeping track of millions of transactions on a daily basis is not a simple task but is made simple with the implementation of ICT within the banking sector.
  • Online transactions and net banking is a new concept which is widely in use by the consumers of the bank and saves them from visiting bank every time they need to make a transaction. Online banking is also supported with the help of ICT enabled tools and techniques.
  • Security and privacy of the data and details of bank accounts are also enhanced with the implementation of ICT in the banking sector. Now, consumers are more confident while making an online transaction as they know that their data and details are safe.

Value of ICT in Business Enterprises

  • Implementation of ICT in the banking sector has enhanced the dynamicity of the business enterprises by offering them with the effective tools and techniques which can help them gain a competitive edge over the other similar available business enterprises.
  • The business procedures and operations are made advanced and automated with the implementation of ICT within the business enterprises by offering the services of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a service which can be borrowed on-premise and can offer the high end services to business enterprises on subscription bases. Data analytics and big data are also offered by clod computing which can gain access to the large volume of data of the organisation and can generate a pattern for offering effective data driven decision making to the business enterprises.
  • ERP system is also an ICT based service acquired by business organisations to keep track of the details of the employees for the easy payroll and salary distribution. It is a complex task with is made easy and simpler with the implementation of ERP system within the business organisation.
  • CRM systems are another service offered by ICT to the business enterprise so that relationship between consumers and business enterprises can be made stronger which enhances the loyal con summers and better marketing of their product as well.

Value of ICT in Industry

  • Implementation of ICT in the industrial area can offer better sustainability and working environment for the industries and workers as well. It offers the automated tol to the industry to make the production even faster and automated.
  • Real time security machines implemented in the industries which are ICT enabled can reduce the accident rate within the industries and can enhance the work health and safety of the workers working in the industry.
  • ICT based machinery implemented within the industries can maintain the automation and can also offer the better optimisation of available resources so that resource wastage can be reduced. It enhances the work capability and productivity of the labours working in the industry.

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