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Emerging technology is a term used to define a new technology and students are given with Research Proposals on different emerging technologies. To get assistance for doing Research Proposal and Plan, you can hire professionals of Assignment Help 4 Me easily.

Student Name and ID


Project area      

Project area is a distinct geographic, political, technological, or scientific understanding of area as an entity. In this proposal, you need to consider project area related to the research. You need to write the area/field that you are interested in.

Eg: Gaming

Type of Project

A project is a planned set of dependant and interrelated tasks that should be executed over a certain period of time including the considerations related to cost and resources. The project can be of two types Practical or Review. Here, you need to specify the type of your project.

Eg: Review


Technology can be described as the application knowledge for practical purposes. It is the use of machinery or equipment developed from particular application of scientific knowledge. In this section, you have to select a technology which is used in the project area. There can be different types of technologies which can be used in the selected domain.

Eg: virtual reality


A technique is a way to carry out a particular task. In this section, select a particular technique for selected technology in the project area. As an example, for mixed reality you can use visualization, navigation and tracking. Name only one technique to be used here.

Eg: visualization


A project domain is one which identifies a set of common requirements, terminology, as well as functionality of the research. Here you have to identify a domain for the selected technology. There is a need to be very specific about the selected technology.

Eg: virtual reality in gaming

Project name

A project name is a form of identification for any of the scratch project which is understandable by others. A project name should be clear and concise. Here, you need to come up with the title for proposal. The title should be of certain words reflecting technology, domain and technique.

Eg: Role of virtual reality for enhancing visualization of gaming.

Key words

Keywords are the important words or concepts found in any research or thesis. Keywords are the topics and ideas which defines about your content. A dirty and quick way to pull keywords from research is to select most important nouns. This include keywords which are used mostly in the whole review. Keywords should be short phrases reflecting topic of the proposal and should use more frequently in whole proposal.

Eg: virtual reality, visualization, gaming.

1. Introduction


Background Information,  Issues  and Current Solutions

1.      The background of the study provides the context to information which is discussed throughout the research. Background information may include both the relevant and important studies. This section provides the background information regarding the technique selected for your technology. In this section, you need to give explore some issues related to this technique. Along with the issues, you need to mention some existing or current solutions to the identified issues.

e.g.  For the past few years, VR in gaming industry has already achieved significant market size and is still growing at rapid pace. Virtual Reality can incorporate visual and auditory feedback. Other forms of VR include mixed reality system and augmented reality systems. Virtual reality can be used in military training application, video gaming etc.


Shortcomings/ limitations  in the current /existing solutions

2.       the limitation of any study can exist due to the various constraints of research design and research methodology and the limitations can also impacts the overall findings of the study.In this section, you need to write the limitations or shortcomings related to the existing or current solutions which are required to be solved. This section basically set the motivation for the entire research.

E.g. Many game developers do not use virtual reality technique for developing games. This is because there are number of issues related to this technique. One reason for this is that the technique….


Importance of solving this problem

3.       In this section, you need to discuss the need to conduct this research. Which means that here you need to discuss the importance of performing this research or why there is need to overcome the issues related to the selected technology.

E.g. There are various existing taxonomies of the Virtual Reality technique which are based on two or more factors such as… However, the proposed technique is based on four factors such as….. These factors will help the game developers to increase the efficiency and accuracy of games.

2. The Main objective and purpose of this research

Project objective mainly describes the real and desired results of a particular project which often include tangible items. An objective is measurable and specific and must meet budget, time, or quality constraints. You should be clear with the aim objective of your research. Then state the purpose of objective. There must be link between purpose and objective of research. The objectives of research should be SMART which implies



A=Achievable and attainable


T=Time bound

Eg: The main purpose of this research is to provide a review on the role of virtual reality in order to enhance visualization of gaming.

3. Questions need to be answered

The research questions are one on which the whole research is based. Based on the objectives of the research, you can select the questions. These resources will be used for collecting data in literature review of your research.

Eg: what kind of data is needed: functional or structural?

What type of data collection tool should be used: primary or secondary?

How the collected data will be analysed?

4. A Brief Description of Your Proposal

Research proposal include a proposed solution in order to overcome various problems founded in the research. Here, you need a include a brief description on some weaknesses in the existing solutions and you have to propose a solution to deal with these weaknesses. For clarifying the research proposal, you can also include a diagram. Weakness discussion should be on the basis of factors, types of relations and data between types of data.  

Eg: the current taxonomies for the virtual reality have been based on two or more factors.

5. The Process  or Methodology  of Your Project

A research methodology is a step by step description of the project or any research in order to effectively understand the research. Here you have to write step by step description of your project.

Eg: Define the selected technique

Review studies on the chosen technique

Propose your taxonomy as well as major components

5. Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes of the research are those which can easily meet the formulated research questions and objectives of the research. This section should define your expected outcomes for the research and you must focus on who is going to benefit from this research.

Eg: developers are expected to benefit from the proposed taxonomy for virtual reality visualization because this technique will be helpful in order to improve the accuracy rate of games by 78% and increased visualization by 70%.

Reference list

Chose a 'Journal Paper' from CSU Library related to your topic, and avoid using Google search

List the reference that is used for this plan. The reference format should follow according to the APA 6th version

The reference should be latest one



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