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5 Major Issues Faced By Students While Writing Essays

Schools, colleges and universities around the world assign the students with certain essays during coursework. For some students writing an essay may be tiresome and hard. Many of you might think, ‘how to write my essay easily’ as it may be a very boring and lengthy task. Critical-thinking skills are required to craft and essay successfully.

While learning essay writing, you mainly learn to develop arguments and transform your thoughts concisely. Along with improvement in grammar, punctuation and spellings, you also learn proper organization of words and sentences. It increases reading proficiency and also helps in future employment. It is the most important skill as it prepares students for the “real world”.

How does essay writing helps students in overall development?

The main purpose to teach students and reinforce their writing is prepare them for commutation and enhancing their self expression.

Enhancing communication skills

By essay writing students can enhance their communication. Students learn to craft their thoughts into well-informed sentences. When students are tough to write an essay on paper they also learn to express the same via conversations or debates. However, writing thought is much easier than expressing them during communication. To express aloud to another person takes more courage and communication skills.

Also, communication cannot be learned but practiced. Writing thoughts, emotions or memories are records that allow you to have a better understanding and expression of yourself. On the other hand by the activity of speaking you can orate your speech to the group of people. The words written by you are transcended from the initial process of drafting to the activity of speaking. The communication skills are introduced by the essay writing on the first step. You can master thoughts into clear sentences by mastering essay writing.  

Self expression is encouraged

Creativity and expressing thoughts clearly is learned by reinforcing the skill of essay writing. Academic writing also requires creativity. If you are excited about the topic, your creativity will be represented through your essay. The urgency to express ideas on the subject matter will really show if you work with interest.

Essay writing is very important for students to explore themselves by communicating. You can improve your capabilities and learn organizational skills. Teachers enforces the practice of essay writing for the benefits of students.

Helps when you get employed

Experience and practical skills are measured in the working world. When you get employed writing is much-need. Writing skills are highly valued in every aspect of private sector and corporate field. Overtime practicing is required to write well and make words out of thoughts and emotions, sentences out of words and paragraphs out of sentences. By reading, grasping and examining information. It combines intelligence and your capabilities. To communicate the information at most effective level you must increase your capacity for retaining information.

What are the issues faced by the students while writing an essay?

For assessment, writing an essay, research paper, etc plays a huge role in the life of students. It is a big deal for them to increase there final scores with the help of a perfect essay or an excellent research paper. Lack of concentration and interest is a roadblock to write an essay. Many issues are faced by students therefore, there is a great need of help by students regarding an essay writing task.

Following are 5 main reasons students ask to “write my essay for me”.  

1.Brainstorming: Students need help for brainstorming there ideas and thoughts. Students need to focus for developing an thinking about ideas that fits in the context of the topic of an essay. Due to lack of interest students don’t enjoy writing an essay and it seems to be a burden for them. To avoid such boring tasks students opt to get online essay help.
2.Reading skills: Most of the research papers, essays, thesis papers, etc. requires information from multiple resources. Students should know how to analyze and evaluate the information relevant to the topic.   
3.Outlining: Students must be trained to outline and create a structure for the essay. Teacher should help students by creating a general outline on the board. Formatting of introduction, body and conclusion must be taught.
4.Editing: After the completion of the essay many third parties offer help for editing and proofreading. To finish a perfect essay for good marks, there should be no grammatical or spelling mistakes. Either teacher or classmate can help to edit essay.    
5.Plagiarism: Due to lack of time, interest or knowledge students tend to copy assignments from internet sources or friends. This tends to plagiarism and leads to several consequences and may be failing the student in the course. To avoid plagiarism, students avail essay help online.

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