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Avoid plagiarism in essay with Harvard citation style

What is the Harvard citation style?

The Harvard citation style is a system that is used by students, writers, and researchers to combine the quotes from other people, findings and ideas of other authors into their work and validate their conclusions without breaking any knowledgeable property law.

The popular format is generally used in essays and publications for humanities, natural behavioral and social sciences. Professional essay writers use this type of format for referencing of sources.

‘Harvard citation’ is the most common international citation style used mainly in humanities and social science for academic publications. Information that is cited by another author or any source should be mentioned twice in the paper. There are a lot of referencing styles but the most popular format is Harvard citation style among modern students.

If you are familiar with the rules, you will be able to deal easily its rules and overall format. It is very interesting when you write something complicated, complex or lengthy regarding a book or your own essay topic. However, you can also avail essay help for getting assistance for citation.

This parenthetical referencing system includes two main components:

Referencing list: It includes the list of the sources that you have used for direct information and directly cited in your work.

It allows the readers to locate the reference sources themselves. Each citation in a reference list includes various parts of information and it includes the following parts:

Name of the author: It is the first and foremost thing that needs to be described while citation. There may be one or more authors for a single document of the source that you are going to cite in your document.

Year of publication: The year of the publication of the paper from which you are taking direct information is also mentioned during citation.

Title: it is not your title but the title of the paper from where you took assistance for the research.

City published: it is not that important to be mentioned but sometimes it is brought up during citation.

Publisher: For some instances, if the author is anonymous, the name of the publisher is often stated.

A number of pages used: it is not necessary that you have used all the pages from source, so to inform the audience about that part used in your essay you can mention the number of pages used.  

The list should be created the order of alphabets and if there are two authors having the same name then citations are listed in the order by the date of publication.

Generally, the Harvard citation style is followed by online essay writers to give credit to actual authors.

These distinctive features are the most common in international citation style.

In-text citations: It includes the name of the author and the year of publication should also be mentioned in the brackets. Wherever you have used the source for the contribution of direct information in your work, cite the source at that point of the paper. Online essay writers follow a side by side process of in-text citation to avoid trouble in the future.

In-text citations are brief indications at the points where you have quoted or paraphrased a source. While reading your reader gets to know about that source and they are located in the body of your work and contains just a portion of the full citation. Then the reference list is set up in the last of your document to provide ease for your readers to find the source and locate each of it. The reference list is an alphabetized list of complete Harvard source. Each entry should be presented in your main body at the place of use so that your audience can quickly retrieve the source from your reference list if they feel a requirement.  

In some universities and certain restraints, you may also need to provide with a bibliography. Although every professional essay writer who provides essay help also provides a bibliography with the essay. A bibliography is also a sort of detailed list of all the sources you have used that you have referenced in the process of researching your work. It will show the measurements you have gone to in researching your chosen topic.

Dealing with an In-text referencing is easier than referencing a list. But there are a few more Harvard citation rules that you know about in order to omit mistakes. Following are a few important tips by a professional essay writer to avoid confusion while formatting:

  • Including the last name of the writer is very important if there are more than three writers engaged in the Harvard citation style.
  • If you are using a few sources by the name of the same author, published in the same year, then you should list them alphabetically.
  • If the name of the author is missing or the author is anonymous, in such case the title is the main feature to list them. don’t include parenthetical in your title.
  • If the researches from the same author are taken but they have different years of publications then, you should list them following the order in which they occurred. Chronological order is a very important point to remember that shouldn’t be changed in any way.

Why is citation important?

If you are new to the concept of citation, you may find Harvard referencing a confusing task. But it is very important and absolutely essential. It can help to improve your reputation among scholars. An accurate and complete referencing can assist you in reaching your academic goals. You just have to put the reference of the utilized resource in your essay, research paper, article, etc. To avoid any confusion at the beginning itself, avail essay help and get proper guidance to cite sources from which you gather direct information.

To provide appropriate credit to the actual author is important to avoid plagiarism, even though who have done a complete rework upon the whole subject. Every professional essay writer knows the value of the hard work they do in creating unique and new content. Hence they don’t step back in giving genuine credit to other actual authors in case they use direct information from another writer. Plagiarism happens often if you are under pressure and have to meet a certain deadline. Legal action from the original author, deduction of marks, or any other consequences can be severe.

Plagiarism can be avoided easily by using the method of Harvard citation. Keep the track of sources used while working for an essay. When I write my essay I prepare a proper outline and structure of my work and make a decision about the usage of relevant content. You should also try the same secret. It will also help you to cut down the time you spend writing your essay. Whenever you are going to paraphrase a piece of information, be assured that you use the content structure different from the original content. Manage and organize your Harvard style citations by gathering all of your citations and research in a safe place.

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