Definition and Outline of Expository Essay

Definition and Outline of Expository Essay

What is an Expository Essay?

An expository essay is written to explore various angles of a specific topic. The writer provides information to the readers in an objective manner. For example, if the subject is universal education, the information provided in the essay will be on, what is universal education? How does it work? Which countries use the concept of universal education? How it is different from the privatized education system.

Many students buy essay online to save their time and efforts, due to the complexity of an expository essay. The crucial thing to take care of is that a neutral tone is required. The writers should not try to convince the reader in an expository essay, unlike argumentative essay.

Expository vs Argumentative Essay

Many students confuse expository essay with argumentative essay. The goal of the latter is entirely different than the former. Former aims to provide the audience with information about different angles of a subject with a neutral tone whereas the argumentative essay aims to convince the reader of the writer’s chosen position. The prime difference is that the former is objective and the latter is subjective.

Argumentative Essay

  • Chooses an opinion in or against something.
  • Generally written in the first person
  • Writer’s argument is presented through the thesis statement

Expository Essay

  • Different angles of a topic are explored in a neutral way
  • General wrote in the third person
  • Writer’s topic is presented through the thesis statement


Choose a topic that you find interesting and challenging. In case, you are already assigned with the topic make sure that you understand the requirement of the prompt completely. You can buy essay help if you don’t have any knowledge about the topic and have less time to accomplish a task until an impending deadline.


After deciding the topic the next step is to conduct the research work. Even if you have good knowledge about the topic, it is important to discover the topic for new and updated information. You need to cite the sources from which you gathered direct information. Start broadly by reading books from the library and internet sources.


It is important to collect information for providing examples in support of main points. By mixing the common issues you can get valid and strong examples.


After collecting the information, you are ready to craft an effective outline.

Below is given the sample of outline for providing college essay writing help to students for the expository type of essay.

  • Introduction In this first paragraph, you can introduce your topic in an interesting way by telling a compelling story or by citing an interesting fact. You can add a quote or ask a question for your readers. A thesis statement is also included in the introduction.
  • Body Paragraph 1 In this paragraph, you put your first main and strongest point forward with examples.
  • Body Paragraph 2 Second body paragraph comprises of the main point.
  • Body Paragraph 3 Similarly, the third paragraph contains a strong point.
  • Conclusion Wow, the reader with a knock-out shot in the last paragraph i.e. conclusion. Tell the significance of your topic and you can suggest further research or discussion that you think should be conducted.

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