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Guide on How to Make an Argumentative Essay

How to Make an Argumentative Essay Easy to Write

An argumentative essay aims to compel the readers to agree with the opinion using evidence. Writers need to find evidence with conducting proper research skills. Every student needs to know how to make an argumentative essay in order to prove points intelligently.

It is important to choose the best argumentative essay topic to write an essay. the answer to how to make an argumentative essay is not complex. It involves steps of selecting a topic, creating an outline, writing, revising and polishing the essay. One should double check the argumentative essay after completion to avoid any trace of error.

Following are the steps to know how to make an argumentative essay:

how to make an argumentative essay

1. Select the best argumentative essay topic If you will browse the internet for the interesting topic you will get many topics. It is very easy to work on a topic about which you have prior information. The interesting topics are easy to depend on most of the times and one don’t have to do a ridiculous amount of research to find valuable and accurate information from credible sources. You have to select a topic that can fit an outline fairly.

Preferably, you should select an interesting topic to write for and must focus to add fresh information for every main point. If you will not enjoy the topic, you will not able to enjoy the task.

2. How to make an argumentative essay i.e. how to formulate writing process? You can wow your teachers with writing an argumentative essay with proficiency. Before the writing process, the major step is outlining the essay. With the help of the outline, you can follow the proper structure for the argumentative essay. An outline ensures that you stay on the right track and make sense in writing. Moreover, an outline is an essential part that is performed while writing all types of essays. Start with the formatting of your essay and then you will be left with fill in the blanks with relevant information.

3. How to begin with the introduction The introduction of the essay comprises of topic elaboration and thesis statement. In the beginning, you should add a hook statement to grab the attention of your essay’s readers and keep them reading.

After making a strong and impressive starting shot, give some information about history and origin of the topic to elaborate the background information on the topic and importance of its discussion. In the introduction, you answer questions like, what is the issue? Why should one pay attention to it? Why do you take that position on the issue? In your thesis statement, you have to raise the main points and start convincing the readers to agree with your opinion.

By selecting a debatable topic your readers will indulge more in your essay. From the very first paragraph, the format should be perfect. State your thesis and main points with confident language. Make sure your thesis is concise and clear. Don’t reveal everything in the introduction and leave a room for further discussion in body paragraphs.

4. Develop your argument and refute opposing viewpoint By developing an argument, you need to depict your obvious point of the essay. As you haven’t convinced your reader yet, you need to develop a strong argument. Every body paragraph should include a claim, having a transition with the thesis statement. For one claim you should purpose at least three supporting arguments.

Just writing something will not make it a fact, so it is necessary to provide evidence in favor of every argument to favor your side of opinion. You can add your personal experience but will not be considered as a reputable source.

If you want to truly convince your readers, you need to give equal consideration to the opposing arguments. Acknowledge the opposing views and refute them with appropriate evidence. You can provide logic, quotes, statistics or examples in addition to evidence to refute the counter-arguments.

It is not enough to simply disagree with opposite point of view for supporting your opinion. To make your audience look the things like you do, you have to use shreds of evidence for convincing. If you choose a debatable and good topic then most probably the opposite view is obvious to readers.

Many students discuss the opposing views in the second or third paragraph of the body. However, you have to create a transition of your opposing view with introduction and every body paragraph. Don’t forget to cite every source used by you so that the readers can double check the reliability of evidence if they want to.

Craft a conclusion effectively for winning argumentative essay by the end.

Every essay finished with a conclusion Rephrase your main claims and points in the conclusion of the essay. Make a transition with evidence and claims to cover the basic information once more. Summarize the whole argument and give a brief look back over everything before signing off your essay. Give a quick recap and shake the beliefs that make readers agree on your point of view.

After completing your essay, block some time to polish it. Revise your essay and look for any spelling or grammatical.



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