Learn 11 Unique and Creative Writing Examples

Learn 11 Unique and Creative Writing Examples

How can you define creative writing?

When the writers express their ideas, opinions, and thoughts in a creative and artistic way by writing a paper, it refers to creative writing. With the ability to express feelings and personal opinions in addition to facts, a writer can present an impeccable paper. You can convey your message with a diverse type of creating writing papers.

It is not like a typical academic paper and it involves imagination, innovation, and creativity the most. There are no particular creative writing examples as it can be categorized in various fields.

What is required to indulge yourself in creative writing?

You need a unique plot to present a story or any information through your paper. You can develop your own creative writing style with practice. Creative writing is an art and one should be interested to attain this type of learning. If a person is not willing and isn’t naturally interested in this profession, he/she will not be able to reach the extent of proficiency. Many students avail essay help USA due to unwillingness for writing creative essays or a lack of creative thinking skills.

The excellence in creative writing cannot be achieved with how much you write rather it is a game of an innovative mind. If you don’t have enough time to write a book or novel, you can begin with different creative writing examples like a poem, short story, comic strips, etc.

Many rappers and singers are mushrooming nowadays, if you are interested in the same, try creating a rap or song. If you are really curious to write a creative paper, you can try one of the below-given types of creative writing examples:

Short stories

This is the simplest form of a creative paper. Use your innovative mind and think about how can you write a story in an interesting way. Everyone loves to read well-told stories. In a short story, you need to keep in mind that it should not be more than 5 pages. In less than 5 pages, the writer has to feature the main character and supportive characters. A unique plot is mandatory for a short story.


This is one of the most impressive creative writing examples. Poem recitation is taught to students from the beginning of their school life. It is a very incredible way to imagine a scene, experience or object. Through a poem, you can express your thoughts lyrically. A poet knows that within every word there is a sense of musicality and through poetry, it is expressed in an innovative and creative way.


Although raps are similar creative writing examples of a poem, this type is generally popular among millennials. It is a contemporary form of poetry and many classical rules of poetry are followed in rapping. Rappers are forced to think on feet and more than writing is like an extempore.


Plays are viewed by the audience of every age group. These are very interesting to write as well as to watch. The final result of playwriting can be seen during the performance. A director directs the actors to act the play and every character is featured with a unique identity. In schools and colleges, students perform stage plays and convey a message through the play. A play can put a deep impact on the mind of the audience as the play appeals to their senses.


If you want to express yourself to the wider audience, you need to prepare an effective speech. This creative writing example is a little complex because you have to emphasize consideration of your word choice and syntax. An effective speech can make your success. In addition to a good speech, focus on your body language and it should be confident. With an appealing and clear voice, you have to present strong enunciation.

Greeting cards

These examples of creative writing are very popular among kids. It is very easy also and you can make money with a business of making custom greeting cards. You need some art and craft skills in addition to creative writing. a greeting card is generally colorful and people purchase fun cards for loved ones. The role of creative writing is just to add short poetry, limericks, wishes, and messages.


Nowadays blogging is a very impressive way to express thoughts and personal opinions. One has to discuss an informative topic to provide valuable and unique content to the audience. You can write to reflect information related to current incidents. An interesting blog is always unique and presents something new and entertaining to the readers.

Narrative essay

This is one subcategory of academic essays. narrative essays are different from short stories. In this genre, the motif is set with a special format and aspect. The aim of this type of essay is to satisfy the readers by the end. The writer discovers something in the story presented in the narrative essay. college students are commonly assigned to write creative writing essay examples in the form of a narrative essay.


If you have an art of drawing and creative writing, you can proficiently create a comic strip. It is very easy to craft a comic strip and it requires a proper plan before the process of writing a comic. For the presentation of graphics, you need to construct a strong outline first.

Flash fiction

It is challenging to write flash fiction. It includes a plot in the story that you will tell in flash fiction. Flash fiction revolves within a few words up to 100 words. It can be a 10-word story, 60-word story, 100-word story, etc.

Twitter stories

The new form of creative writing i.e. Twitterature is taking over the flash fiction. A writer has to tell a story in 140 characters or less. You can write a story or poem but it should be within 140 characters.

Every writer, you should learn to experiment with different creative writing examples. The above given 11 examples, can help you craft creative papers.

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