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What is an extended essay and what are its benefits ?

An extended essay: The students of International Baccalaureate (IB) around the globe are assigned with Extended essay writing. In the diploma program, students have to complete with research work whose word limit it up to 4000 words. Students work on these papers independently and use self-direction to successfully complete this essay. If a student needs assistance for writing an extended essay, it is suggested that he/she should go with the best essay help only. This is a complex type of essay, therefore guidance from a professional and expert essay helper is advised.

What are the skills and enhancement gained by students with extended essay writing?

The purpose of assigning an extended essay is to prepare undergraduate students for research skills. Students opt for six subjects in this diploma programme of the international baccalaureate. A topic related to one of those subjects can be chosen by the students in which he/she has the most interest.

  1. Students learn to analyze and formulate the research question of the extended essay topic and hence enhance their research skills.
  2. By performing an exploration of the subject topic, students develop a lot of communicating ideas.
  3. The abilities to analyze and synthesize the knowledge with evaluation is developed in the process of extended essay writing.

The students are supported by the professors, during the course of extended essay writing and researching. It becomes easy and smooth for the students to complete the essay with the best essay help from the teachers at college.

What are the criteria of the evaluation?

After completing the essay, students have a session with their supervisors who evaluate their extended essay. Students are interviewed with a viva voce and then assessed with gradings on the scale of 0-34.

International baccalaureate appoints examiners to score the student’s essay with the following bands:

A - Essay with outstanding standard, and excellent research. Viva-voce also effects the band. Students who perform and answer eminently, related to the topic of their essay, get A grade. 

B - A student whose essay and research reaches a good level, gains B grade.

C - An essay with not so good by satisfactory results receives C grade.

D - If the work done by a student reaches the mediocre level of essay writing.

E - An essay of simple and beginner level is considered for E band.

The overall diploma score is highly affected by the score obtained for the extended essay. Students can’t afford to leave any trace of error; therefore, they seek the best extended essay help online.

What is included in an extended essay?

To write an extended essay, the first step is to choose an extended essay topic and get it approved by International Baccalaureate. Next step is to conduct the research work on the topic. Students have an option to get assistance from any teacher to get advice and the best essay help.

The extended essay comprises a cover page, synopsis on one page about the whole essay, a table that includes the content title about every section of the essay. The major portion is 15-20 pages of the essay, which includes at least 4000 words. According to the topic, relevant examples, evidence, and facts are provided to make the argument strong. In the end, a bibliography is presented.

How to choose an extended essay topic?

  1. Choose a topic that challenges and interests you. If you are passionate about your topic then you will be able to craft an essay with eminence. What is your favorite subject? Is it mechanics or quantum? You should spend dedicated time on a topic about which you are curious to learn more.
  2. Neither too broad nor too narrow. You have to remember the word limit that is mandatory to reach is 4000 words. You have to choose a topic that is wide enough to find and write informative content. If you find difficulties while finding a great topic, brainstorm your thoughts or get the best essay help from your advisor or online extended essay writing professionals.
  3. Find a reliable advisor. After choosing a topic, find an advisor who has in-depth rich knowledge about your selected topic. It is not essential to choose your favorite teacher on the campus. Rather go for about whom you feel confident, that the particular teacher will credibly provide you the best essay help.

The best way to get an excellent extended essay is to start sooner. It is not possible to write an extended essay after conducting proper research within a week. Start your research work as soon as you are assigned with writing an extended essay. At any step of your writing course, you can freely seek the best essay help online. Otherwise, you can have assistance from an advisor at college.

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