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Are Modern Students Given Too Much Homework?

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Too many drawbacks of homework were shown by Stanford University in the year 2014. Students stated numerous reasons because of which they feel burdened like:

•    Stressful environments
•    Shortage of time
•    Deteriorating relationships with friends and family
But the question here is that how much homework is considered as too much homework?
According to Denis Pope, an Education Scholar, students are likely to go through stressful situations when they spend huge amount of time on homework. They also face life imbalance, physical and mental stress and issues related to communication.

What is the impact of too much homework on the students?
According to the research conducted by Stanford University, “spending more than 2 hours on learning after school has a negative impact on the health of the students.”
Let’s now understand how much homework is too much homework?
A very famous song has a line:
“Too much is never enough!”
While talking about reading, traveling, learning, and exploring the world, it can be true.
It is not a modern phenomenon to have an overloaded schedule of learning. There is a need to think about how much time is spent on completing your homework and assignments once you return home.
The researcher of Stanford University and Educational Scholar Denis Pope conducted a research and said that “it is not okay if the amount of your homework exceeds two hours in a time equivalent.”

Formatting and other requirements are also part of the homework.
Most of the parents feel worried that their children have no time to spend on their home duties.
In addition to the various assignments, every day an average American school going boy or girl spent their time on the following activities:
•    Fan clubs
•    Sports clubs
•    Partying
•    Relaxation with friends
On the basis of perceptions of parents, teachers, and students, it was found out that how much homework is too much homework.
When it comes to viewpoints on the homework and assignments given to the students, two categories of parents came forward:
Parents who were in favor of the idea of numerous assignments and parents who are of the belief that the number of assignments and homework should be limited.
Parents of a student shared their story about what are their perceptions regarding modern homework assignments

“My daughter named Paula, studying in grade third always complaints about the tremendous amount of homework. In summer holidays, her teacher made it obligatory for the students to waste their six days every week on completing different assignments. My daughter is least interested in writing. Also, her teacher does not offer the required knowledge and writing skills. In the United States, I decided to debate against the amount of overloaded homework given to the students. We want more time with our children. There are numerous other activities to do like traveling, playing games, exercising, shopping, swimming, and many more. Why my daughter has to invest all her free time in school homework?”
One of the teachers of California High School was of the view that the children should spend more time with their families. For the whole learning period of time, she was ready to abandon all the homework and assignments but there was a condition that every single family should include definite activities that can be correlated with the success of the students. Studying in a home atmosphere is a tough task for most of the students. Greater results can be achieved if the parents are able to combine leisure and learning activities. Children can memorize in a better and an effective way by visualizing the things.
Hence, it is imperative to choose methods of associative learning like:
1.    Table games
2.    E-learning
3.    Special mobile applications for students
4.    Educational movies
There is no requirement to waste time on completing homework and assignments of the children are able to read with their family, jot down descriptions to their favorite cartoons, play outside, and go to bed timely.

Find out how much homework is good enough
When modern tools of learning are combined with ordinary family activities, the results can be very effective.
Limiting the summer vacations is the worst thing that most of the schools have done. Many teachers of Phoenix high school are of the viewpoints that children are more likely to forget what they have been taught during the summer holidays. Some schools not only limited the summer break but also increased the burden by assigning more homework.
A study on school homework was published in the “Journal of Experimental Education” the co-author of which is Denis Pope. According to the study, a criterion was analyzed by the teachers and journalists to discover the pros and cons of time spent on doing homework and assignments.
1.    Opinions about assignments and homework
2.    Engagement of the students
3.    Well- being of the students
Many researchers gathered information on ten high schools in California the academic performance of which was best. A sample of 4317 students was selected. Denis Pope started an open-ended set of answers. Students and their family members participated in the survey with the objective of finding out the value of assignments and homework.

The survey showed:
Students studying in high schools spent approximately 3-4 hours doing their homework every night at home.
Every second family agrees that this amount of homework given to the students is not healthy. Nowadays it is not essential to earn the highest grades at the sake of the student’s health. Hence, more and more parents and other family members debate the burden of homework and assignments.

Solution to handle the burden of assignments and homework
Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
It is true to some extent but it does not mean that one has to spend the whole life on learning. It is also imperative to see the world around. Hence, it is advised to take online homework help which can help the students in completing their assignments on time.