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Avoid these 8 Mistakes While Writing a College Essay

The end of the year is the mark of the beginning of the impending deadlines for the college students’application essay. The students at the undergraduate and graduate level begin writing their college essays, and they dream of entering into their desired college or university. But we all know that the complexity and the high-level of the task do not let all the students’ dreams to be fulfilled. With the fierce competition, the work has become one of the most stressful parts of applying to college. The needs and the demands of the universities and the colleges lay the foundation of tough times faced by the students.

There are common mistakes which the students commit while writing a college essay. Let us discuss them and make sure you don’t make them a part of your essay.

  1. An inappropriate choice of essay title-

The foundation of scoring high marks in the essay writing task is choosing the right topic by discussing it with the right people. But most of the students forget it, and the bad choice of the essay topic leads to an off-putting essay. 

  1. Not showing maturity in essay execution-

The warning flags are the usage of the very writing mechanics such as incorrect use of punctuation, unclear syntax and many more. These are the things which degrade the presentation and the quality of any writing document. Not following the instructions of writing a college essay is one of the common mistakes which the students appear flippant about the college essay writing task. 

  1. Choosing essay topics which are too personal-

Not understanding the boundaries of writing and being over-expressive is another blunder which the students commit and lose their marks. Many students chose the overly personal essay topic and ignored the prompt instructions for many reasons. But, to bring out the best topics related to the guidelines, college essay topic help is a reliable option.

  1. Excessive use of clichés-

The students often use a lot of phrases like“time heals all wounds,” “the next thing I knew,” etc. Writing about the overused topics, pet deaths, less also fall into the category of using clichés.

  1. Sticking to a thesaurus-

Most of the students tend to use such a language which they don’t use in common in the college application essay. I am not saying that you need to be overly informal in the document or use complex language because using a thesaurus while writing can make you look phony. Demonstrating the experiences in a unique way is the trick which you can follow to score well. Most of the students, in order to come out of this issue, go for college essay help in the USA. There are various online resources which can help the students in getting unique, error-free content with the prompt delivery of the document.

  1. Submitting without proofreading-

The essays or any writing task need editing and proofreading to be performed. It is because we make the mistakes while crafting the document and so, in order to make the essay error-free getting another set of eyes on the written file proves vital for the students for scoring high marks.

  1. Copying the data-

Plagiarizing is one of the most hated things by the professors and anyone who analyzes the content. The technology has advanced, and many universities have been running plagiarism checker to find any copied content in the documents submitted by the students at the entry level.

  1. Missing personality demonstration-

The students try to rehash their resume in the college application essay. But rather than writing again about their extracurricular activities and mentioning their interests, the students should use the space in demonstrating their personality to the admission officer. If you have described something that you believe in, do not forget to back it up with any corresponding activity or fact. 

These are the most commonly committed mistakes by the students. Avoiding these and expressing the right experiences is the key which can lead to success in the essay writing task.

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