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Avoidable Study Methods to Improve Your Grades

Are you getting tired of not getting good grades even after studying so hard? That means you are studying in a wrong manner. There are many students who complain that they can’t score well even after studying whole night, but they don’t know what is the right study method to follow in order to get good grades in exams.

Here, we introduce you to some common study methods usually followed by the students that they should avoid.

1. Cramming Late Night:
Nowadays, students are following a new trend of remaining awake till late night to cram their assignments and notes. They tend to do it when their exams are near so that they can go through a big data at once, but did you ever get the desired score through this method? Late night cramming is not at all helpful for those want to achieve high grades. When you study late night, you do it with a tired brain and body that resist you to understand all the concepts of the subject.

Wake up early in the morning with a fresh brain and utilise this excellent time to study rather than studying late night when you are almost exhausted and have other things of the day in mind.

2. Not Paying Required Attention To Proper Study Tools:
A number of students are still using textbooks and notes to study and wonder when don’t get desired grades. If you are too using the same tools, then be informed that there are several online tools that you can use to study appropriately such as, sample question papers with answers.

Start using previous year question papers to revise rather than using encyclopaedias only.

3. Studying When Distractions Are Around:
Today, the student’s biggest problem is a lot of distractions around such as mobile phones with unlimited apps, social media, etc. These distractions resist a student to concentrate well in studies. Students used to check their mobile and social accounts again and again while studying. If you too have the same habit, then forget about getting good grades by studying like this.

Always choose a quiet and calm place to study such as a library or a room where such distractions are not present.

4. Highlighting Unnecessary:
A number of students use to study through highlights. They use a strategy of highlighting the paragraphs they find useful. In some cases, highlighting can work, but in most of the cases, it is not at all useful. It may help you study useful material quickly, but also resist you to understand the whole concept. If you will not be familiar with the content, you won’t be able to write in the exams.

Quiz yourself on a particular topic rather than highlighting the book unnecessarily.

5. Missing The Classes:
Not attending the class and depending on the notes is becoming a bad habit of most of the students today. Why attending a class is necessary? If you attend the classes, then you can easily understand the theory, because in the class professors used to teach a concept on the base of practical and theatrical knowledge both, moreover, provide information more than required.

Attend your classes properly and solve your queries with your professor in order to remove confusion afterwards.

6. Postponement or Delays:
The Postponement is a common human nature that affects students also. Several times one can feel least motivated to do something and it happens when someone gets frustrated doing one and the same thing. When you do your study without taking breaks, there will be a time when you will get discouraged and will start postponing your chapters.

Taking a break of 5 to 10 minutes is required for your studies. Take this required break and then start your studies again.

7. Useless Notes:
One cannot even imagine that there can be useless notes also, but it is a fact. What are useless notes? When a student used to write each and every word of the professor that means he/she is not understanding the concept and noting down everything randomly. Like this, a student is making useless notes that cannot be used when needed.

Listen to the professor what he/she actually wants to convey through his/her lecture and note down the key points with your understanding rather than writing big paras.

8. Group Study During Exams:
Here we are not criticising the method of group study as it is one of the amazing ideas to share knowledge with each other, helping each other and solving the problems together. But, often it can be seen when students sit together for studies, they don’t actually do their studies rather waste their time doing gossips and playing games and we don’t recommend this wastage of time.

If all this happens in your group too, then better start doing private studies or join an educational group.

9. Mimicking Other Students:
Most of the students try to copy one best student of the class. It is good to get inspired from a good student, but mimicking him/her will not provide any benefit. The reason is, every student learns from their own style and when they leave it and start copying others they cannot learn anything.

Leave others and understand how you learn things, not how one best student of the class is learning.

10. Not Taking Own Test:
One common mistake some students make is not taking their own test. Yes, some students think that reading all the notes and books is enough to prepare well for the exam, but the truth is until you don’t take your own test, you can’t be sure whether you are prepared or not.

After getting done with the reading, take your own test. For this, you can try solving sample test papers. You can take these papers online.

Hope this article will help you understand how you can make changes in your study methods in order to improve your grades.

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