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Basic Types of Academic Essays Students must be Aware of

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In the modern trends of education structure, the students are aided with variety of technologies which they can use in their academics. These technologies are internet, mobile phones, computer, laptops which students can use in their academic tasks for example – essay writing task. There are various types of essay, the students has to write. Myraid of essay help websites are available which assists the students in their different kinds of essay writing tasks. Before knowing how to craft an essay writing, it is very essential to know what are the different types of an essay writings which are as under-

A. Expository essay – An expository essay takes a lot of time and efforts to complete because it is quite lengthy. Due to this reason, it can be divided into various categories:

Reasons and results
Final analysis

Interpretation- An expository essay is a kind of essay which needs to properly describe an issue or a topic step-by step giving detailed instructions. For example – how biscuits factories work? the students will start from what is a biscuit factory and then step by step will give the detailed explanation. This is the way how students will interpret the topic first.

Definition - To give a definition is very simple, but the writer should make sure he or she is not using any plagiarized material while writing a definition.

Reasons and results – here the students have to explain in detail what are the causes and effects of a particular phenomenon, if they are discussing any problem relating to an event or time. For example – 3rd world war, its causes and effects.

B. Reflection essay – It is all about emphasizing on your viewpoint. This kind of an essay reflects one side and subjectivity to one’s opinion. The writer will have to explain the main topic with the possible and relevant facts and evidences. The students often take help from essay help websites to write reflective essay writings.

C. Critical analysis essay – In this kind of an essay writing, the tutor selects a topic from a book or a chapter and tells students to write and describe the topic in their own way. When the students complete the essay, the teacher will compare the content the students have written with the content of the book or the chapter and will do further analysis and interpretation of the work. The teacher will read every single line and will critically analyze the whole essay writing.

D. Descriptive essay – The descriptive essay is a kind of essay which is based on the detailed description and analysis of the particular object, place or incident. In this kind of an essay writing, the writer can use adverbs, adjectives, analogies, metaphors, personifications to fortify the skills for an essay writing. The examples of a descriptive essays can be:
• How to cook a tasty pudding
• Describe a feeling

E. Narrative essays – This type of an essay writing emphasizes on using the narrative tone in describing any particular topic. This means adding stories to the essay writings to fortify the ideas used in it. The students can give any hypothetical examples from their life. In other words, a narrative essay is a kind of essay where the writer has to give detailed discussions of any of their life experiences they have gone through in the form of examples and evidences. To know the essential tricks to write a narrative essay, the students can refer essay help websites.

F. Compare and contrast essay – This type of an essay is just like the expository essay where the students have to mention all the similarities and differences of a particular object, subject, location or an event. The reader will then compare and contrast the things the writer has used in an essay writing. comparing refers to finding similarities where as contrasting means finding the differences. One thing to be noted is that the writers can also mix the two essays like mixture of narrative and compare contrast essay writing. The example of such essay writing is discussing about the experience one gained from travelling two countries. This kind of an essay writing will need to use the narrative tone and comparing and contrasting the uniqueness and dissimilarities of the two countries.

G. Persuasive and argumentative essay – This is one of the common essays tasks assigned to students in the modern education scenario. An argumentative kind of an essay is an essay which is based on arguments between two or more parties. It means that the parties have different opinions on a particular issue. Due to that, several arguments arise and that issue becomes a debatable issue. The writer has to persuade the reader about the opinion he/she holds for a particular issue and his view should be strongest enough that the reader adapts his viewpoint. The writer can also cite some examples and evidences to bolster his/her opinion. The students can seek assisstance from essay help websites to get familiar with the rules for writing an argumentative essay.

H. Admission or scholarship essay – Admission essays serve as a ticket to further education. When the students finish their graduation, they usually write admission essays so that get admission easily to eminent educational institutions. The students can seek help from online essay help websites for drafting a meaningful and effective college essay.

Scholarship essay is an essay the students write when they want to convince the college authority to grant the scholarship to them because of their good academic results.

I. Cultural identity essay – Basically, this kind of essay is assigned to students to write about the cultural experiences they gathered from different countries. The teachers assign these essays to students because it helps the students to know about their international peers, their customs, traditions and beliefs. This helps in building a cosmopolitan atmosphere worldwide.

It is always advisable to start any kind of essay by making a rough draft first because that directs the writer how to organize the varied segments of an essay and how to relate the sentences with each other so that the piece of writing can appear logical and meaningful to the essay reader. There are several websites online available which acts as an ultimate guide to know different types of essay.

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